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5 ways to promote your business with custom receipts

In today’s digital and modern world, the business arena is so dynamic and technology-oriented that we sometimes fail to acknowledge the smaller pieces of the marketing puzzle. Receipts are a perfect example of a merely forgotten and often underestimated tiny rock in the marketing mix that can actually turn your business around.

With the evolution of social media, video marketing, and other forms of content creation, receipts have slowly faded away from the spotlight of marketers. However, there is a lot of hidden potential in receipts that we’d like to help you uncover.

The point of sale opens up new opportunities for capturing your clients’ attention and can truly support your business in building solid, long-term, and loyal customer relationships.

To help you fully enjoy the benefits of your point of sale receipt paper roll and use receipts to the fullest, we’ve prepared five ways in which you can promote your business via this channel.

1.      Personalise your receipts for more brand awareness

Receipts can be used for more than simply informing about product prices and store or office address. You can use them for strengthening brand awareness and reinforcing your brand image with a minimum investment. Customise your receipts by adding a company logo to turn them into a truly attractive and hard to ignore part of your business.

The more visually appealing your receipts are, the higher chance you have of successfully conveying additional messages and stimulating clients for more purchases.

2.      Announce special promotions

A sure way to let your customers know about your ongoing promotions is through receipts. Add a promotional line, which provides information about your offers and let clients enjoy a wider range of your products and services or save money with you. With a 32-symbol limit per line on myPOS’ devices, you have plenty of space to make your receipts stand out.

Don’t forget to include essential information such as offer specifications, timeframe or expiration date, and eligibility.

3.      Increase your social media followers via receipts

When you start brainstorming on ways to grow your social media profiles, receipts may not be the first thing that comes to mind. It may be a surprise for some that custom receipts can work wonders in attracting new followers to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.

All you have to do is add a small text promoting the social media channel you wish to increase your audience in and type the URL of your business page or profile.

Quick and easy, right?

4.      Promote upcoming events

Most businesses today are already aware of the importance of organising events as another method for attracting customer attention and staying competitive on the market. Regardless of the industry you are working in or the type of event, you can always add a promotional line to your receipts to grab your clients’ interest.

Whether it is a seasonal event, holiday promotion, or clearance sale, make it special and noticeable with custom receipts.

5.      Collect valuable feedback

Asking for feedback is at the core of any business success. Without getting a taste of your customers’ opinion and preferences, it will not be an easy task to satisfy their demands as clients. Show that you appreciate their opinion by inviting your customers to a survey on your website via your receipts.

Why not reward the ones that invest the time to provide feedback for your business with a discount?

The sale is not the end

Remember, selling your product or service to a client is certainly not the end of the journey to a successful business. It is in your best interest to show customers that there is more that you can offer and make them come back and spend more with you. Use your POS devices cleverly by exploiting their potential to the fullest.

Once the payment is confirmed and you are ready to say goodbye to your client, make them leave with a smile on their face with a unique and custom receipt. Currently, the myPOS Combo, Smart, and Smart N5 payment terminals offer a paper printer that can transform the way your clients perceive your brand. If you still haven’t tried the perks of the myPOS payment devices, don’t miss out on the world of opportunities and choose a device that best suits your business needs.

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