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A video editor who loves challenges

myPOS isn’t only an award-winning fintech company, but also an employer of more than 340 people. Recently, all of them were invited to participate in a new employer-branding campaign, revolving around the question What is myPOS for you. For some, myPOS is a chance to contribute, for others – a new beginning, and for Raya, it’s the excitement that comes with the dynamic environment.

Raya Hadzhidimieva: The energy and team dynamics are so great, that you’re never bored.

Raya is a senior video editor in the Marketing department. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Netherlands, Raya is famous for her directing and photography skills and also her love for sweets and her dog Summer. She says working at myPOS makes her happy for many reasons – the most important of which is the freedom to create.

“I joined myPOS in 2018 after what I’d say was a fun and unforgettable interview. It was full of serious topics at the beginning, jokes in the middle and common interests at the end. I quickly realised that these are my kind of people,” she said. Raya also shared that it’s the people at the office who put a smile on her face every day, and the fact that she feels appreciated.

As a video editor, Raya is responsible for creating all myPOS video content: ads, customer video testimonials, animations. Her inspiration comes from world-class productions, she explained.

According to her, the biggest misconception about the job is how much (or how little) time it takes to create a video. Producing video content is a complex process, and, although the final product is short, a lot of work goes behind a 15-second spot. This includes managing various details such as scripts, locations, tech equipment, editing, colour correction, sound design and much more.

At the end, though, what matters is to like the result and to be able to challenge yourself every day. For Raya, that’s what it takes to feel fulfilled. And in her free time, she enjoys nature, travel and shooting with an analog camera.

Here’s a bit more about Raya.

Why did you pick the phrase – “oh my?

Because the energy and dynamics in the team are great and I never get bored – in short, my oh my!

What’s the one thing that always makes you smile?

When my dog greets me with joy, marching paws and a wiggling tail – saying, “yeaaaah, you’re here!”

What do you think your loved ones would say about you?

I can’t guess but hope they use the word “positive.”

What kind of music do you like?

Music is an important part of my daily activities. Usually, it resonates with my mood, but in general I’d say I prefer alternative, indie rock.

If you were to participate in the reality show The Voice of Bulgaria, what song would you choose to sing?

Ken Lee (referring to Valentina Hasan’s interpretation of Mariah Carey’s Without You on Music Idol).

If you could choose anyone in the world to have a beer with, who would that be?

I won’t resist a beer with film director Stanley Kubrick.

The sea or the mountains?

Both have their own charm. It’s best to dive into a sea, surrounded by mountains.

Favourite drink?

I recently rediscovered Aperol Spritz and am still on that wavelength.

Tell us about an unforgettable or fun moment at work?

We had to shoot a new promotional video for myPOS Carbon. The concept was to use a black background with mysterious lighting. We rented a studio that was completely black: black floor, black background, black table. Great, but we forgot to share that at one part we’d be throwing talcum powder in the air! So, everything was covered in fine white particles, and the studio’s owner was “pleased,” which could tell from the look in her eyes. After a few seconds of silence and intense staring – imagine the type of staring in an Indian soap opera – we quickly started cleaning and, at the end, we left the studio cleaner than we found it.

What makes myPOS a preferred employer?

myPOS is a preferred employer because it’s a large company operating on a European level, with motivated and dedicated employees.

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