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This IT guy likes to make people laugh

Apart from being a fintech company providing innovative solutions to more than 150,000 businesses across Europe, myPOS is an employer to more than 340 people. All of them were recently invited to participate in a new employer-branding campaign – entirely based on the opinions of employees. Through whimsical notes, they answered the question What is myPOS for you, and today you get to meet one of them – Nikolay Ivanov.

Nikolay Ivanov: To be successful at work means to have colleagues like mine, a job you enjoy and a good salary.

“Fintech is the future,” says Nikolay. “It’s exciting to use your finances entirely via tech solutions – phones, computers, pocket-sized POS terminals.” Nikolay is one of the newest additions to the IT department at myPOS. After he decided to follow his hunch that the company is developing and enabling its people to grow, Nikolay joined myPOS in the summer of 2021 as an IT & Monitoring Specialist. His responsibilities include monitoring all devices in the network and preventing potential problems in it.

Nikolay quickly grew fond of Beer Fridays – an August event offering craft beer and food to myPOS employees – where he got to meet his new colleagues. “For me, the people always come first,” he said when asked what makes him happy at work.

His free time Nikolay also likes to spend with people – he enjoys taking walks with his family, drinking beer with friends and traveling. As a whole, he prefers to stay away from the computer when he’s not working. “I like to play football, work on my never-ending renovation projects and listen to music,” he said.

Nikolay also enjoys making people laugh. The smile on his face, however, is mostly due to his family. He considers himself a successful person and believes everyone who feels good should be considered one.

“To be successful at work is to have a team like mine, a job that you enjoy and a good salary. Outside of work, success is having family and friends. In my opinion, I am successful. I was able to start a family, get married (which is somewhat of a double-edged sword) and do for a living what I love.”

Here’s what else Nikolay shared.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about your job?

The biggest is definitely the idea that if we work on a computer, we must understand everything related to this matter. That is absurd – the field changes every day and hour.

Where does inspiration come from?

My family and especially the kid.

Favourite drink?

“Drink” sounds quite formal. I’ll have a beer without a second thought.

Favourite dessert?

Definitely my wife’s eclairs, she’s a pastry chef.

The sea or the mountains?

The sea in summertime because my zodiac sign is cancer, and the mountains in the winter because I love to watch people falling in the snow.

Tell us about a fun moment at work?

Well, we have many. I laughed a lot when my colleagues argued about iOS and Android. I will only say that the dispute lasted a week and I heard all sorts of arguments.

Cat or dog person?

I love all animals, but the dog beats in this competition.

Imagine that you are auditioning in the Voice of Bulgaria – which song would you choose?

Definitely Dr. Dre feat. Eminem: Forgot About Dre.

What brings you satisfaction at work?

First are the colleagues, then the work. I’d be lying if I said the salary is not a factor.

What do you think makes myPOS a preferred employer?

The rapid development in the IT sector, the team, salaries, working conditions and Beer Friday, of course!

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