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3 alternative ways to accept payments online without a website

Picture this: you are the owner of a small shop for handmade crafts. You mainly sell your creations in a newly opened brick-and-mortar store as you’re just starting out this business.

It’s no surprise that you probably don’t have enough funds to put towards developing a website with an online store. We all know that building one may cost a real fortune.

For this reason, you decided to create a few social media accounts in order to engage with potential customers and sell your creations there.

However, here comes the question: how do you accept payments from your customers online without a website?

“You need a website!” – this is what most people would reply in haste.

We know of 3 sure and smart ways to accept online payments from your customers without running an online store or a website. Now is the time for you to take full advantage of your new payment gateway without a website!


We, at myPOS are perfectly aware that the vast majority of small-sized merchants, freelancers or people selling handmade crafts cannot afford to put aside a small fortune to build a website in the very beginning of your business life cycle.

With that in mind, we wanted to invent a fast and cheap way of helping merchants accept card payments without the hassle and the need for setting up a website. After some time doing brainstorming and work, our extremely useful feature called the PayLink came to life.

The main benefit of a PayLink is that you are able to generate one straight from your myPOS online merchant account. It takes just a few simple steps to create your own link, leading to a secure checkout page, where customers complete their personal and card information to make the payment.

You are free to send the link to practically anyone with an internet connection and get paid from around the world. You can now accept credit card payments without a website and boundaries no longer matter when it comes to payments!


generate myPOS PayButtonThis blue button with a clean design can be created in less than 6 clicks in your myPOS account. It works exactly like the PayLink, but has the advantage of attracting customers’ attention. A single click on it is enough for your customers to buy the product and pay for it. Again here, there’s no need for a website when you accept credit card payments!

Payment request

It’s very similar to a PayLink, but has a couple of differences. You can create one via the merchant’s account, the mobile app and even via your myPOS devices.

By doing so, you get the chance to request money from your clients, family and friends irrespective of whether they’re on the same continent as you or are travelling around the world.

Each Payment Request is valid for 30 days and you can keep track of its status, so you know whether it’s been paid, pending or expired. Payments acceptance without a credit card just got easier, smarter and faster!

myPOS send payment requests

What happens next?

No matter which of the above myPOS online payment features you opt for, the money is immediately settled in your e-money account and you can use it instantaneously. It’s a win-win situation, as your clients pay you within a minute and without any worries about security.

On the other hand, you can enjoy all the benefits that online payments have to offer without the headache of designing your own checkout page, collecting and processing sensitive information or even paying for a website.

PayLinks, PayButtons and Payment Request are available for all myPOS clients!

Why not try them out now?

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