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Mobile Top-up: The newest myPOS weapon to fight competition

Nowadays, competition is cruel.  Many business owners have fallen victims to competition. Many once successful companies have filed for bankruptcy, because they couldn’t keep up with the rapidly changing demands or didn’t find a creative way to appeal to customers.

To win your customer base and retain it in the long run, you should rely on a variety of “weapons”, designed to attract the attention of your customers and, most importantly, make their life easier.

The good news is that you have an ally on your side – Top-up by myPOS.

Mobile Top-up is the newest smart feature that we’ve recently launched.

Right off the bat, it’s important to note that the service is FREE for all myPOS clients. The functionality itself has been integrated into all myPOS Devices and anyone with myPOS Device can use Top-up without purchasing additional software.

But what exactly is mobile Top-up?

Top-up is a nifty feature which enables you to recharge prepaid mobile services offered by more than 779 service providers in 141 different countries across the world. Actually, you can recharge almost every prepaid phone in the world, with no hassle. Below is just a small part of the service providers we work with:

 Mobile Top-up from myPOS - service providers

The best part of mobile Top-up is that it takes only a minute and a few easy steps (described here!) to complete one. You simply need to follow the hints on your myPOS terminal device and make sure that you have funds available in your e-money account.

Why mobile Top-up is good for your business?

Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from the unique opportunity to implement mobile Top-up into their existing portfolio of products and/or services. With mobile Top-up myPOS provides you with one powerful weapon to delight and retain customers. It’s an extra service they will find incredibly useful and convenient.

Think like a customer for a moment! How good it would be to recharge your prepaid phone whilst having your morning cup of coffee, shopping groceries or riding in a taxi?

From business perspective, start using mobile Top-up will not only provide additional value to your customers, but bring in additional revenue for your business. We’ve established commission-based model and you will earn commission with each Top-up you make.

Below is roundup of myPOS mobile Top-up benefits for your business:

  • Additional revenue in the form of commission for each mobile Top-up
  • Opportunity to delight and retain customers in the long run
  • Powerful weapon to fight the increased competition

Try mobile Top-up now and share your thoughts with us!

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