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myPOS at Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona

Highlights, impressions and expectations for the year of the Next Element

Four days, more than 108,000 visitors, and 2,300 innovative companies – Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona (MWC 2017), was just the right kick-off for the myPOS team in the year of The Next Element. The year when mobile is about to become the missing link between every emerging innovation and our daily lives, from connected cars to back-end services.

MWC 2017 was the perfect setting for showcasing the hard work we’ve put into myPOS following our vision of providing tomorrow’s payment solutions today. Emphasising on the seamless experience, we underwent big and small changes to provide a new level of coherency in a single product for online and in-store payments.

In the spirit of MWC, let us set off with the mobile innovations, as in 2017 one thing is for sure – apps mean business. With the steady increase of mobile-first users and the ever-growing popularity of mobile applications, apps are becoming one of the core communication and service channels for businesses. Recognizing their strategic corporate role, we believe facilitating an imaginative environment for a seamless merger of the payment process with existing and future apps is the way towards growth and development. Therefore, we had the pleasure of showcasing to the hundreds of merchants and distributors we met at MWC 2017 our specialized Android app market for POS devices – myPOS AppStore.

myPOS Smart
myPOS Smart

Designed for Android-powered devices like myPOS Smart, which also made its debut at MWC 2017, the AppStore is a unique app distribution platform. It enables third party developers to reach merchants and businesses with clever and thoughtful apps for better payments, increased brand recognition, and improved customer engagement.

myPOS Smart Apps

To set the directions which POS payments can take, we developed four core apps. The Terminal App, which demonstrates a completely customizable POS payment environment, and the Register App, which showed that an Android terminal can fully assume the role of a fiscal device. Two new myPOS added-value extras also found their way in the form of Android apps – Top-up and Payment Request.

These brand-new services are available across all myPOS Device and provide merchants with opportunities for additional revenue. With the Top-up App, businesses can accept payments for the prepaid services of more than 700 mobile operators worldwide. The Payment Request App, on the other hand, enables merchants to reach customers from a far by sending a simple payment request via an email or SMS.

The AppStore provides functionalities that are only limited by the imagination. Loyalty programmes can be managed from a single app, store’s inventory can be directly linked with the counter or you can even organize promotional giveaways in the form of interactive app or games.

myPOS Mini

myPOS Mini

At MWC 2017 we also revealed our refreshed line of payment terminals. Along with the main attraction – the Android myPOS Smart terminal, we demonstrated the sleekest member of the family yet – myPOS Ice Mini. Elegant, reliable, and paper-free it is the perfect choice for stylish and dynamic businesses.

Redesign of myPOS’ web page

To celebrate all our efforts in providing cutting-edge payment solutions, we underwent a complete redesign of our homepage. Now, exploring myPOS and finding the numerous benefits for your business is just as easy as accepting payments with us. Feel welcome to look around and stay tuned for an exciting year full of innovations.

Mobile World Congress 2017 - myPOS stand Mobile World Congress 2017 - myPOS standMobile World Congress 2017 - myPOS terminals

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