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A Retail Revolution – myPOS and the Lodging Industry

The rise of the sharing economy

With websites like Airbnb and gaining momentum amongst travellers, the number of private individuals who decide to rent out their properties has been growing every minute. The “sharing economy” is becoming a reality and people are quickly and willingly adopting the idea of peer-to-peer accommodation.

Practically anyone with empty room, flat or villa can open their doors to the “sharing economy” and provide accommodation to people from all around the world.

Essentially, if you made up your mind to share your property, you should carefully think how to handle the whole process. Both, Airbnb and have established straightforward processes and strict rules. You are required to adhere to them in order to list your property on the websites.

If you’ve decided to set your own terms and rely on alternative ways to promote and rent out your abodes, don’t forget to consider what payment procedure you’ll put in place. Bear in mind that it should be built upon convenience, rock-solid security and guests’ needs and wants.

Luckily, there are platforms like myPOS which is especially designed to simplify payments for both, hosts and guests.

myPOS has developed a wide range of services and features, empowering anyone to take all forms of payments in a breeze. Whether your guests are willing to pay by credit/debit card, NFC-enabled devices or online, with myPOS you’ll be able to meet their expectations and offer them a secure way to pay.

MOTO transactions

If some of your guests prefer arranging their bookings by phone or email, you can process payments the same way. myPOS Virtual terminal turns your computer into a powerful POS terminal. With it you can easily accept payments by phone or email (so-called MOTO transactions).


Pre-authorization is a pretty common method in the hotel & accommodation industry and it’s available on myPOS. It allows you to hold a certain amount from the guest’s bank account. This isn’t a charge of your guest’s card. It’s just a secure guarantee for payment and seems to be extremely useful to protect against dishonest visitors.

myPOS Online

From cool smart tools for accepting online payments without a website like Payment Request to complete checkout solution to integrate with your website, myPOS got online payments covered. The good news is that you don’t need special knowledge or additional software to take advantage of myPOS Online. Everything is done through myPOS!

myPOS benefits in a nutshell

In the end, let’s recap some of the main benefits of using myPOS payment solutions to take payments:

  • It’s free to sign up for myPOS e-money account
  • You dont pay any annual or monthly service fees
  • Instant money settlement in your account
  • Mobile app to control your money 24/7/365

Get in touch with us at today! We will be happy to tell you more about how myPOS can help with your rental business.

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