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Where I work, everybody is a superhero

myPOS isn’t only an award-winning fintech company, but also an employer to more than 340 people. Recently, all of them were invited to participate in a new employer-branding campaign, revolving around the question What is myPOS for you. For some, myPOS is a ticket to the future, for others – a pro league, and for Anita Biro, it’s a team of avengers.

Anita Biro: There is no quick lift to success, you have to take the stairs

In the department in which I work everybody is an absolute superhero, says Anita. She is a customer service specialist, which according to her is an exciting and complex position.

Anita thinks that professional success includes passion for the work, and personal success can’t be achieved without health and accepting yourself. “Either way, there is no quick lift to success, you have to take the stairs,” she explained.

Anita believes that people would describe her as kind, patient and very thoughtful – all skills that probably help her excel as a customer service specialist.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about this job is that it doesn’t require special skills; yet, just being able to speak clearly, concisely and straight to the point takes months of practice,” she said. Anita has years of experience working with clients in different settings and countries – before moving to Bulgaria, the Hungarian native lived 10 years in Ireland.

She loves Varna because of the sea and the great climate but also enjoys the mountains in the winter. “It’s an amazing feeling to come inside from building a snowman and sit next to the fireplace, playing boardgames with loved ones,” she shared. Time with the family is at the top of her list, especially that spent with her two-year-old daughter.

Anita and her family

Anita also enjoys cooking, NETFLIX, and, of course, superhero movies.

About her superhero job, she said that being able to help a client takes not only knowledge and experience, but also creativity and critical thinking, and this is why most agents at myPOS go through extensive training.

“I am thankful for my training, my colleagues’ kindness and willingness to always advise when needed. And for the laughs – every single day we have a story to laugh about. But, most of all, I’m thankful to have the best view on the floor,” she joked.

According to Anita, myPOS offers the perfect conditions – modern office, people who are passionate about their work, and a great pay. “I always wanted to try this type of office environment. myPOS provided perfect conditions, so I decided to join. No regrets eversince.”

Here is what else Anita shared about herself and myPOS

What’s your hidden talent?

Photography. I love taking pictures – wedding and portrait photos.

Your favorite dessert?

Gesztenye püré. It’s a Hungarian dessert, chestnut pure with whipped cream… nyam nyam!

What in your job brings you the most satisfaction?

The end-of-day positive feedback from clients for the support I give them.

What, in your view, makes myPOS a great employer?

Taking care of its employees in a way, which I haven’t experienced before. The attitude of the employer is obvious even to an outsider who enters the building – everyone here is smiling, and this happens for a reason.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Traveling, visiting different countries; taking a walk in the park or going to the playground. Either way, just being with loved ones.

Cat or dog person?

Cat and dog. Every animal must be appreciated.

What kind of music do you prefer?

#thegoodlife#chill,  my current favorite is Mauve – By My Side.

If you were to participate in the reality show The Voice of Bulgaria, what song would you choose to sing?

Bruno Mars – Lazy Song.

For you, where does inspiration come from?

My family, especially my mom.

If you could choose anyone in the world to have a beer with, who would that be?

This is the easiest question. Without thinking I would say, my mom. Unfortunately, she passed away, but if I could have a chance, I know that would be the best beer ever.

What always puts a smile on your face?

Watching my daughter and her daddy play together. It’s one of the most beautiful things to watch.

Anita's note from the Employer branding campaign

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