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What it means to be part of a company that comes from the future

myPOS isn’t only an award-winning fintech company, but also an employer to more than 340 people. Recently, all of them were invited to participate in a new employer-branding campaign, revolving around the question What is myPOS for you. For some, myPOS is a voice, for others – a chance to contribute, and for Svetoslava, it’s a one-way ticket to success.

Svetoslava Radoslavova: myPOS is progressive – both in terms of technology and employee relations.

According to Svetoslava, myPOS comes from the future and is headed to the future. That’s why she says the company is a one-way ticket. An accomplished attorney, she loves not only interesting legal cases and sincere people, but also sports. She even has a talent for ice skating.

Svetoslava joined myPOS in 2019, after years of being a chief legal adviser in another organization. She needed a breath of fresh air, and as a result joined myPOS Compliance – the team that makes sure myPOS complies with all European laws and requirements.

“I came to the interview knowing that I have no experience in compliance and this job would be a big challenge for me,” she said. However, she immediately recognized the professionalism and positivity of her colleagues, and this motivated her to switch employers and occupations.

Apart from her job, Svetoslava loves exercising, especially running and swimming. “I used to be in athletics and running is my favorite activity. When I can’t run outside, you can find me in the gym,” she said. Another thing she enjoys is good whiskey – straight-up! “That’s something you learn in the first semester of law school,” she explained.

Svetoslava's note

At work, Svetoslava values the dynamic environment – every day she has to deal with different cases, and she is always learning. The fact that her colleagues like to joke is another benefit.

The team even has a mascot: A cartoon character (a little girl), who resembles their manager, Kristina Decheva. “It’s best to not upset Krisi,” Svetoslava joked. And even though she loves the team and her job, Svetoslava says nothing beats being on the beach with friends and a cocktail.

Here is what else Svetoslava shared

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about the Compliance and AML Officer position?

Nooooo, we’re not the bad cop!

Where do you get inspiration from?

From sincere and intelligent people.

Cat or dog?

Bunnies. I’ve had two bunnies.

Favorite dessert?

I rarely eat sweets. Salty treats are what I like – especially seafood, sushi and banitsa.

What do you think makes myPOS a great employer?

myPOS is coming from and is going to the future. Both in terms of technological advancements and in terms of employee relations.

The sea or the mountains?

The sea, the sea and the sea!

What type of music do you like?

I can listen to absolutely anything, depending on the situation.

What makes you smile?

That sound that the ATM makes when you withdraw money: brrrrr.

Haha, I’m kidding! The kindness and intelligence I see in people always make me smile.

What does it mean to be successful?

This is quite subjective and depends on the person. For me, to be successful is to have people relying on me. The more people rely on you, the more successful you are.

How do you think your loved ones would describe you?

The little LION! Everyone calls me that, I don’t believe in zodiac signs, but it turns out I represent my sign 100 percent.

If you were to participate in the Voice of Bulgaria, which song would you choose?

One way ticket!

If you had the chance to have a beer with anyone on the planet – whom would you choose?

Elizabeth II, just to see her drink beer!

You wrote “ticket” – what kind of ticket do you want?

A ticket to a world without COVID-19.

Svetoslava - employer branding

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