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How the dance company Ceroc found its perfect rhythm with contactless payments

The performing arts industry faces numerous challenges when it comes to keeping up with changing trends, styles and audience preferences. Staying relevant and appealing to diverse clientele requires continuous innovation and adaptation.

Ceroc, a widely popular dance company from the UK, is the perfect example of a business that has started small but achieved growth through innovation and adaptability. By embracing evolving customer demands, Ceroc sought out a reliable payment partner. As a result, the company discovered additional revenue streams and enhanced customer retention.

Join us as we explore Ceroc’s story and its journey towards dance excellence and innovative payments. In this article, you will discover what sets the company apart from the rest and why it ventured into the world of alternative-to-cash payments.

The story of Ceroc and its unique business approach that sets it ahead

Founded in the United Kingdom during the 1980s, Ceroc is a franchised partner dance company. The name “Ceroc” is derived from the combination of the words “C’est” and “Rock”, reflecting the dance style that blends elements from various genres, including swing, jive, salsa and ballroom.

Through a network of local franchisees, the company offers classes, workshops and events tailored to dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you’re taking your first steps on the dance floor or looking to refine your existing skills, Ceroc welcomes all with open arms, creating a vibrant and inclusive community where the joy of dance knows no bounds.

What truly sets the company apart and captivates customers is its ability to cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of dancers. This is not only evident in the wide range of classes Ceroc offers but also in its proactive approach to promptly address current industry trends and demands, prioritising customer preferences and convenience.

People dancing in dance company Ceroc

Adapting to the pandemic: the transition to contactless payments

When the pandemic struck in 2020, businesses encountered numerous challenges. They had to swiftly adapt to the new realities brought about by lockdowns, social distancing measures and restrictions on in-person activities. This was particularly challenging for businesses that heavily relied on physical interactions, such as dance companies.

Emerging out of the pandemic, Ceroc recognised the need to offer contactless payment options as a safer alternative to handling cash at the door. By doing so, the company aimed to ensure the safety of both customers and Ceroc employees, allowing classes to continue with peace of mind.

“With the increasing trend towards a cashless society, businesses that solely rely on cash payments run the risk of losing customers,” shares Lyndsey Hill, Head of Marketing at Ceroc. “On top of that, dealing with cash is time-consuming and expensive, especially for smaller franchisees.”

Taking all these factors into consideration, Ceroc actively sought an alternative payment solution to replace cash. The company’s goal was to streamline its payment processing and enhance its customers’ convenience.

Ceroc’s choice of myPOS: a secure and convenient payment partner

When Ceroc set out to find a payment partner to help them adopt contactless payments, they carefully evaluated various options. After careful consideration, they ultimately selected myPOS as their preferred payment solution. 

Lyndsey Hill explains: “We based our decision on several factors and it became clear that myPOS was the ideal choice as it perfectly addressed our specific requirements.”

One of the primary factors that influenced Ceroc’s decision was the affordability and user-friendliness of the myPOS payment devices. Recognising the importance of convenience in their dance classes and events, Ceroc needed a solution that seamlessly integrated into their operations. myPOS proved to be the perfect fit, offering cost-effective and reliable card readers.

Currently, Ceroc’s franchisees are equipped with myPOS Go devices. Lightweight and portable, myPOS Go is a standalone payment terminal combining everything a business requires to accept payments on the go. With a free integrated data SIM card, the device never loses connection and allows uninterrupted transaction processing. In addition, the money from each payment that goes through the POS terminal arrives instantly in Ceroc’s account at myPOS.

Security was another crucial consideration for Ceroc. Understanding the significance of protecting both its customers’ financial data and its own business interests, Ceroc wanted a payment solution that ensured fast and secure transactions. With myPOS, they found a partner that adhered to industry standards for security, giving them peace of mind that all transactions were being handled in a safe and reliable manner.

Dance company Ceroc partners with myPOS

The results: streamlined payments and increased revenue

Since introducing the myPOS devices into its operations, Ceroc has seen a significant increase in customers opting for electronic payments.

“Nearly half of our customers now choose to pay by card, eliminating the need for cash. This shift has streamlined our payment process, reducing the time spent handling money and creating a more efficient system,” says Lyndsey Hill.

Additionally, thanks to myPOS, Ceroc’s local operators can now sell higher-priced goods at their events, such as member loyalty schemes and merchandise, providing additional revenue streams.  The company’s beginner packages, such as the popular “six classes for the price of three” promotion, have also begun selling more. 

Previously, the limitation of cash-only payments hindered the uptake of these offers. However, with myPOS, the barrier of insufficient cash is eliminated, resulting in increased sales and improved customer retention. This change has played a vital role in establishing dancing as a regular and enjoyable activity for all Ceroc’s customers.

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