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Wine businesses across Europe toast to digital payments with myPOS

To succeed in the art of winemaking, experts emphasise the importance of time, dedication and patience to truly capture one’s passion for the craft. That’s where myPOS comes in, offering a helping hand to wine professionals across Europe to effortlessly manage the routine aspects of their businesses.

With a comprehensive range of digital payment services, myPOS enables merchants to focus on crafting and distributing top-notch wines and creating unforgettable customer experiences within their cellars and chateaus.

Join us as we explore the captivating world of wine, uncovering secrets shared by industry specialists to optimise business operations and elevate the customer experience.

Celebrating quality wine together at events

While good wine is always crafted in specialised cellars, it often embarks on a long journey to reach customers. But besides the store, another place where you can find excellent wine, and lots of it, is wine festivals.

One such example of a business frequently present at wine-related events is Winery Tipchenitza, a winner of numerous awards and medals from prestigious competitions. To sell their original products at these events, they always bring their myPOS device, allowing them to accept card payments seamlessly without the need to handle cash. This way they ensure a customer is never missed.

“In today’s business landscape, it is imperative for every establishment to possess a POS terminal or offer online payment options. That’s why we opted for myPOS, which captivated us with its versatile solutions for both remote and on-site operations,” affirms Velin Dzhijev from Winery Tipchenitza.

Thanks to the built-in data SIM card in every myPOS terminal, Tipchenitza has found a reliable companion for every event. With seamless Internet connectivity on their device, the winery effortlessly accepts payments regardless of its current location.

Reviving centuries-old traditions with the help of modern payment solutions

Once considered a luxury product, sekt – a German-Austrian sparkling wine – had somewhat lost its glory over the years. The uniqueness of sekt lies in its two fermentation processes, with the second one occurring in the bottle. This production process demands a lot of patience and time.

However, some are determined to revive its former glory and prove that with courage and dedication, success can be achieved.

Vinsekt, a Belgium distributor of sparkling wines, serves as a perfect example of this. Not only has the company achieved growth by offering a wide selection of the best sekt products, but it also demonstrates flexibility in responding to changing customer demands and prioritising excellent customer service.

Vinsekt’s store in Antwerp relies on a myPOS terminal, which has proven to be of great value in ensuring the company never misses a customer and makes its sales soar:

“We primarily use our myPOS terminal to accept electronic payments from customers at our store who prefer to pay by card. It has proven to be a valuable addition to our business. Additionally, thanks to its mobility and constant Internet connectivity, we also utilise the device when delivering wine to our customers,” shares a representative of the company.

The magic of winemaking in wineries and cellars

With their authenticity and romantic atmosphere, cellars and chateaus have become favoured destinations for those eager to learn about winemaking and savour premium wine.

This growing interest has fueled competition among businesses in the industry, prompting them to continually upgrade their services to provide a pleasant and seamless customer experience.

With a long tradition in wine production and numerous awards from prestigious competitions, Bononia Estate stands as yet another remarkable testament to the successful integration of digital payment solutions within wineries. 

Utilising the capabilities of myPOS, the esteemed château offers a seamless purchasing experience for its wine packages, exclusive tastings and premium wine selection.

Providing its customers not only with an unforgettable experience but also a quick and convenient way to purchase a service through a myPOS terminal, Bononia Estate enjoys fast transactions, immediate access to the received funds and no monthly fees.

The wine businesses featured in this article are just a small selection of companies that have implemented myPOS into their workflow. However, they serve as compelling evidence that embracing cashless payments goes beyond offering a seamless experience for wine enthusiasts. It also empowers businesses to access a broader audience, unlock new growth opportunities and significantly increase sales.

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