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Keep your business connected with myPOS DATA Card

At myPOS, we are really passionate about helping our clients prosper and providing them with cutting-edge innovations and services to overcome their payment challenges.

Our latest effort in that direction is the myPOS DATA Card – a FREE SIM card, ensuring that our payment accepting machines stay connected everywhere in Europe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having the myPOS DATA Card installed in their card terminals, myPOS clients will never have to worry about connectivity and will never miss a client payment. From now on, they can enjoy taking payments without the headache or the extra costs to network suppliers.

To make things even nicer, myPOS DATA Card comes at no charge for all our clients, setting them free from any cost for subscription, monthly or annual fees.

The myPOS DATA Card works only with myPOS Devices and all new device orders will be delivered directly with inserted myPOS DATA Card. In the meantime, we will take care to provide all existing myPOS clients, using POS devices with SIM slots, with myPOS DATA Card for each of the terminals they have.

All they need to do is confirm their delivery address by logging in their myPOS account and following the quick steps.

So, calling all myPOS clients! Keep your business growing, keep your business connected with myPOS DATA Card!

Have any questions? Get in touch at for more info.

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