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Introducing myPOS Mini Ice – Next Generation Mobile Payment Terminal

It’s here! It’s cool-white and so compact that it fits in a pocket – the myPOS Mini Ice

We are happy to present myPOS Mini Ice – the newest member of myPOS family.

myPOS Mini Ice comes from the future in order to make cashless payments a breeze for both the customers and the business. Unlike the traditional mobile payment terminal that we all know, myPOS Mini Ice looks more like a smartphone thanks to its elegant, white design and powerful touch screen. What’s more, it is compact and light and can be carried around without any efforts.

With myPOS Mini Ice, retailers will be able to bring the mobile payment terminal where customers want it or wherever their business takes them. This makes myPOS Mini Ice the perfect mobile payment terminal not only for fixed business locations, but for business owners who are always on the road.

But that’s not the end of the story. To make things even better, we’ve equipped myPOS Mini Ice with all powerful and innovative features of myPOS payment devices.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that myPOS Mini Ice creates a next-generation retail experience for customers by offering friction-less payment processing and acceptance of all major credit and debit cards as well as digital wallets like Google Wallet, Apple Pay and more.

On the other hand, retailers are able to exceed the customers’ expectations and simplify business processes using value-added services like Multi-operator mode, Tipping, MO/TO payments, Top-up, etc. The best part is that everything is integrated into the payment device and available for FREE.

Last but not least, myPOS Mini Ice is environment-friendly. It doesn’t print receipts, but retailers can forward paperless receipts to customer by email or via SMS anytime.

Already interested in getting mobile payment terminal myPOS Mini Ice for your business?  You can order the device online or get in touch with our team at

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