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What’s new in myPOS mobile app for Android?

With the last update, we made accepting payments from the app even easier

At myPOS we know that being flexible and mobile is really vital for the smooth running of your business. That is why, we keep adding cool new features to the myPOS mobile app, so you can freely use all services, which myPOS offers, straight from your smartphone.

With the last update, we made accepting payments from the app even easier. Here’s a roundup of the new functionalities that you can take advantage of immediately.

Virtual Terminal

Until recently, the Virtual Terminal was only accessible through the myPOS Account, but now myPOS clients are able to take MO/TO payments from their smartphones too. The service works exactly the same way and enables our clients to process MO/TO transactions in the most secure and worry-free way.

You will no longer have to carry a payment terminal with you on business trips or expo events. Thanks to the Virtual terminal, you can easily turn your smartphone into an impressive payment processing machine.


Just to remind everyone – the Top-up service enables all myPOS clients to recharge prepaid services provided by 779 carries across the world. This makes it an efficient tool to attract more customers and generate additional profits for your business.
The last update made the Top-up available in myPOS mobile app. This will make it even easier and more convenient for our clients to recharge prepaid services in more than 141 countries across the world.

New and more user-friendly process of identification

The new video identification process in myPOS is designed to enhance the user experience and give our clients a better, faster and more intuitive way to identify, without the need of uploading documents. The procedure is fully compliant with the EU regulations and very simple and customer-friendly at the same time.
Check out this short video showing the main steps to complete the video identification and unlock the full potential of myPOS.

Enjoy the new features in myPOS mobile app and keep an eye out for more exciting features.

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