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Dentaprime’s digital shift: The key to competitive rates

In the ever-evolving landscape of the dental industry, Dentaprime stands out not only for its advanced treatments but also for its forward-thinking approach to pricing. This distinction has been bolstered by the company’s commitment to streamlining its workflow through digitalisation.

Understanding that payments are the final touchpoint in its comprehensive dental service, Dentaprime sought to ensure this step flawlessly aligns with the entire patient journey – swift, digital and intuitive. To achieve this, they partnered with myPOS.

So, let’s delve deeper into the modern dental world and see how Dentaprime has achieved a harmonious blend of technology, expertise and strategic planning.

The challenge: Process optimisation in both operational and accounting departments

In 2016, Dentaprime embarked on a transformative journey to embrace digital payments. This initiative was driven by a combination of challenges and the company’s commitment to elevating its service experience. The decision stemmed from a relentless drive for process optimisation within both operational departments and accounting functions. 

Recognising the pivotal role of payments in shaping the client’s experience, Dentaprime aimed to provide their patients with a fast and user-friendly solution.

The clinic’s motivation for digitising payments was grounded in the pursuit of enhancing efficiency. As a business known for delivering outstanding dental care, it was essential that every aspect of its services reflected the same level of excellence. Thus, the shift towards digital payments was not just about transactional ease – it aimed to elevate the patient experience and it succeeded in not only achieving that but also streamlining the day-to-day operational processes. 

Dentaprime accepts card payments with myPOS

The solution:  Seamless transition to an advanced payment system with myPOS

To start accepting card payments, Dentaprime seamlessly integrated myPOS into its operations. Here is what Nathalie Schweder, CEO of Dentaprime UK, says about opting for myPOS as the clinic’s payment service provider.

“Choosing myPOS was a natural fit. The platform prioritises client needs and tailors its services accordingly. This resonated strongly with our ethos, as we sought a payment solution that wasn’t just technologically advanced, but also attuned to our business’s specific requirements.”

Currently, Dentaprime utilises 32 myPOS devices across all its locations, streamlining its payment processes. These myPOS card machines come with various features designed for contemporary businesses. Apart from the integrated data SIM card ensuring consistent Internet connectivity, the devices support multiple payment methods, including NFC for contactless transactions, chip & PIN and magnetic stripe. 

Additionally, the card machines come with real-time transaction monitoring, ensuring merchants like Dentaprime can track payments on the go. This suite of features underscores myPOS’ commitment to delivering a comprehensive, reliable and cutting-edge service.

Dentaprime also actively employs various myPOS online payment solutions like PayLink, Payment Tag, Payment Request and the virtual terminal. These tools are meticulously crafted to empower merchants, enabling them to effortlessly and rapidly process payment transactions with clients. This is particularly advantageous when working remotely, reducing dependency on physical payment devices. Dentaprime fully leverages these advantages.

Schweder commented: “For us, the myPOS online tools are a dynamic way to engage with our patients remotely, making the payment process swift and hassle-free. These features have undoubtedly enriched our operational efficiency while maintaining the ease and comfort of our patients throughout the payment journey.” 

Dentaprime accepts card payments using myPOS card machine

The outcome: Securing a competitive edge

Currently, Dentaprime stands as a prestigious clinic in London, boasting some of the most competitive prices in one of Europe’s priciest cities. But how does it manage this?

Central to Dentaprime’s strategy is digitalisation.

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, including 3D printers and intraoral scanners, Dentaprime has fundamentally redefined its dental practice. The results? Sharper precision, faster workflows and substantially reduced costs.

Moreover, through the integration of myPOS devices and online payment tools, Dentaprime has observed significant enhancements in its business operations, especially concerning payment processes.

“The inherent convenience of myPOS’s digital payment platform has been warmly received by our clientele,” explains Schweder. “The user-friendly interface enhances the overall ease of transactions, aligning perfectly with our aim to provide hassle-free interactions at every step of the patient journey.”

The clinic now offers more rapid transaction processing, ensuring customers enjoy a quicker and more seamless experience. Equally significant are the benefits recognised by the staff:

“Automation and integration of payment data into our systems have not only simplified our accounting and operational tasks but have also reduced the chances of manual errors. This transition has freed our staff to concentrate more on delivering exceptional dental care rather than getting bogged down by administrative burdens.”

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