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myPOS launches Tap to Pay on iPhone with myPOS Glass

To help merchants deliver new in-person experiences, increase customer touchpoints and never miss a sale, myPOS is launching Tap to Pay on iPhone in the UK. Merchants with an iPhone XS or later can start accepting contactless payments without incurring additional costs or using extra hardware.

Accept all contactless payment types on the go

With Tap to Pay on iPhone and myPOS Glass, you can accept all types of in-person, contactless payments – from physical debit and credit cards to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. It’s easy, secure and private. Plus, with a myPOS account, you can get your money from card transactions made via myPOS in seconds, without paying extra for that.

Enable customer payments on your iPhone easily

To accept contactless payments with only an iPhone, download myPOS Glass and enter the purchase amount.

If you are not an existing myPOS customer, you just need to open a myPOS account online from the comfort of your laptop, phone or tablet. Go through verification and you are all set.

Then, when you have a customer who wants to pay, present your iPhone and ask for a contactless payment method. Tap the client’s card or device horizontally at the top of your iPhone, over the contactless symbol. Wait to see Done and the tick – the transaction is complete.

Once the payment is approved, all funds are instantly deposited in your myPOS account.

Enjoy built-in privacy and security

Accepting contactless payments with just your iPhone is easy and secure because Tap to Pay on iPhone keeps all data private. When a payment is processed, Apple doesn’t store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers.

Moreover, the myPOS app itself doesn’t keep sensitive cardholder data. myPOS Glass meets the highest industry standards and complies with PCI DSS regulations. So, rest assured that all business and customer payment information is safeguarded.

myPOS - Tap to Pay on iPhone

Address customer demands and consolidate business operations

Remote payment options have gained ground in recent years. Customers enjoy paying quickly, safely, and conveniently, without pulling out their wallets. As a result, merchants are starting to tap into the power of contactless payments and take commerce to a new level.

So, let your customers pay the way they want. With Tap to Pay on iPhone and myPOS Glass, you’ll not only offer alternative payment methods but also consolidate business operations with the myPOS platform.

myPOS offers merchants numerous value-added tools to help streamline a business – analytical reports, real-time monitoring, e-commerce capabilities and more. It has no set-up or monthly fees and provides a free merchant account with instant access to funds and a free business card.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone and a single platform that takes away the burden of managing multiple relationships, you can start taking payments anywhere and propel your business. Try it today.

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