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Duas Sardinhas: Embracing digital payments to promote art heritage

About a year ago, Duas Sardinhas embarked on a mission to introduce innovative souvenirs to the Portuguese market. They started with paint-by-numbers kits featuring Lisbon landmarks on wooden panels and later added serving boards and plates made from pinewood with original azulejo tiles, promoting traditional Portuguese art.

While their products undoubtedly captivated tourists, Duas Sardinhas encountered a challenge: the growing demand for card payments. Realising the need to adapt, they equipped their business with a portable card machine with constant connectivity. 

Join us as we delve into their journey and explore how they embraced contactless payments to maximise sales opportunities at craft markets.

Growing a business with myPOS

The challenge: The increasing popularity of card payments 

Tourists often have to grapple with currency exchange and budget planning. However, in today’s modern world, card payments offer a convenient cashless alternative for making purchases during one’s trip.

For Duas Sardinhas, a small craft business owned by the dynamic duo, Ksenia and her husband Alex, card payments have become a must-have every time they attend art and craft fairs.

Their journey began with kits providing tourists with an opportunity to relive the beauty of Portugal by creating a unique piece of art that can adorn their homes. 

As Ksenia and Alex’s enterprise grew, they expanded their product line to include serving boards and plates made from Portuguese pinewood. These pieces are decorated with original azulejos – the same ceramic tiles that adorn the facades of local buildings. Azulejo, the Portuguese term for these tiles, is an art deeply ingrained in the Portuguese culture, and Duas Sardinhas is dedicated to preserving and sharing this tradition. Through their craft, they aim to introduce people from around the world to the rich traditions of Portugal, fostering a genuine love for the same customs they hold dear.

But when they began attending craft markets, they quickly realised the necessity of accepting digital payments.

“It’s something absolutely natural and essential in the modern world. We missed out on several deals because we initially accepted cash only and then decided it’s the right time to get into it,” shared Ksenia, co-owner of Duas Sardinhas.

The solution: Affordable payment device for businesses on the move

When Duas Sardinhas decided to diversify their payment options by purchasing a card machine, they approached this decision with careful consideration. They conducted online research and sought advice from friends, gathering information about various digital payment service providers. Ultimately, Ksenia and her husband found myPOS to be the ideal choice.

Ksenia highlights their decision, stating, “It didn’t take long for us to realise that myPOS stood out for several reasons. Their team was not only friendly but also incredibly helpful, consistently going above and beyond to resolve any registration issues we encountered. Additionally, the device and transaction costs were both reasonable and competitive, making it a comprehensive package for us.”

Presently, the couple uses myPOS Go 2, a portable card machine that strikes the perfect balance between compactness and versatility. This device caters to a wide range of payment methods, from contactless to Chip&PIN and magstripe payments. With the integrated data SIM card offering free 3G/4G connectivity, Duas Sardinhas can confidently travel between various craft fairs, secure in the knowledge that they can accept payments no matter where they are.

“At the moment I can say that two-thirds of our sales are processed through myPOS. We never miss a sale because we can accept cards from any payment system. Plus, the device is equipped with all the functions we currently require and even more. This makes us feel well-prepared for the growth of our business and we know that myPOS will support us every step of the way.”

Affordable payment device for businesses on the move

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