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QR technologies in the restaurant industry: Optimising service

QR menus and payments – what entrepreneurs need to know

The restaurant industry is extremely dynamic, driven by evolving customer preferences and external factors such as the growing emphasis on healthy dining. New technologies also impact the sector’s development and help businesses grow. And we аre not talking only about large restaurant chains, but also about the small neighbourhood restaurants. The fact is that thanks to new tech solutions, even the smallest merchants can reduce costs and cope with pressing issues.

Here are some technological innovations you should know about as an entrepreneur.

Digital QR code menus may increase the number of orders

QR menus are progressively replacing traditional ones. These digital menus are easily accessible by scanning a QR code with a mobile device. This practice is convenient and easy to implement as it saves time for the staff and makes it easier for customers who always have the menu at their fingertips. Furthermore, every change to the menu items is instantly visible, reducing printing costs.

One big restaurant chain – Happy Bar & Grill – uses this technology in its restaurant in London. Each table has a QR code that, when scanned, directs customers to a page with all the restaurant’s offerings. From there the customers can select the products they want and place an order which is automatically sent to a waiter. This process does not eliminate the direct interaction between the waiter and the restaurant client, as the service proceeds in the usual manner and there is an available call-the-waiter button that can be used if help is needed.

All of this is accomplished through an application developed with the help of the software company UnrealSoft. The goal is to reduce the time the waiter spends on handing out menus and taking orders, as well as during intermediate service when the customer wishes to order more. The advantage for the customers is having extra time to make their choices as there is no waiting time to receive a paper menu.

“Thanks to QR menus, we are seeing an increase in orders as guests place them with ease. In the online environment, people make their choices faster due to the sense of control over the process. This leads to higher satisfaction, making them more likely to return” – shared Stefan Ivanov – IT Project Manager at Happy.

QR Restaurant Menu

Payments with QR code or link boost staff efficiency

Contactless payments have become a preferred method for both customers and restaurants as they save time and effort. One of the latest contactless payment methods is again via QR code. This is an enhanced functionality of QR menus – the customer scans the code with their mobile device and the code leads them to a secure page where they can make quick and easy payments.

In the example with Happy, each table has an individual QR code that corresponds to it. When a customer scans the code and places an order, an account is automatically created for that table. The application provides an option to view and pay the bill by clicking the Pay button, either immediately after ordering or at a later stage, if the customer decides to order more.

After pressing the button, the customer is redirected to a new secure payment page where they can enter their details and pay the bill. But what are the benefits for the restaurateur?

Happy Restaurant in London

“With the time saved, we were able to boost staff efficiency, enabling more customers to be accommodated in the restaurant, which in turn increases the revenue. The effect of faster check-in for waiting guests is also impacting, as it enhances their satisfaction with our service,” said Stefan Ivanov, IT Project Manager at Happy Bar & Grill.

“Over the last year, there has been a growing demand for contactless QR-code payments, which not only save time and effort but also improve the customer experience. I am pleased that Happy Bar & Grill trusted myPOS to implement this option at several of their locations,” said Polina Toskova, manager at myPOS.

myPOS offers instant settlement of the received funds without charging additional fees for it, enabling restaurants to use these funds immediately to cover expenses like deliveries. The fintech platform is the perfect example of how new tools and payment methods can lead to better efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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