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Invoicing software is now available to all myPOS merchants

Invoicing is a necessary and inevitable aspect of doing business and myPOS has now made it easier than ever for you to send invoices to your customers by streamlining your cashflow operations from the same platform!

Available for desktop users, invoicing offers a seamless and effort-free collection of payments, access to your funds straight away and a better payment experience for your customers.

Why should you try it?

  • Tailor-made invoices with instant settlement: Customise your invoices by adding your company logo, changing the colours and fonts, and adding all the relevant information, languages, tax information and even discounts. Select a customer, set a due date, and your invoice is ready! You can now e-mail your client or send the invoice link through other channels. Your customers can choose to pay online by card or via bank transfer. If they choose to pay by card, you will have instant access to the accepted funds.
  • Enjoy invoice tracking: Always stay in control of your funds and track the status of every payment directly from your PC.
  • Take advantage of comprehensive reporting: Enjoy transparent invoice reports to suit your business’ needs.
  • Set due date: Send reminders to your clients through your preferred method, enjoy ease of access via an invoice link, set the due date and all the ways to settle the amount. It’s easy!

All myPOS merchants can enjoy invoicing

This free value-added invoicing feature is available to all myPOS merchants. Don’t have one? What are you waiting for – sign up and enjoy easy payment acceptance and an array of value-added services!

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Creating your invoice is easy

All you need to do is go to your myPOS account, click on the Sales/Invoicing tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard and choose between ‘Invoices’, ‘Settings’, ‘Customers’ and ‘Products’ tabs.

By navigating these sub-menus, you will be able to add images of your products, add customers, customise your invoices, filter incoming payments and so much more!

Customise your invoice

When creating your invoice, you can customise it completely! Choose the currency it should be paid in and select the account in which the amount will be settled once payment is received.

In addition, you have the option to apply a discount as either a percentage or a fixed amount in the respective currency.

You can also choose the tax in percentage format as well as customise the invoice number prefix. Another added benefit is the automatic tax calculation – a real bonus!

You can further customise your invoice with the option to attach additional documents to the invoice – such as agreements, product descriptions or etc.

Further benefits of the myPOS invoicing feature include choosing the language of the invoice.

Send your invoice via multiple channels

Your newly created invoice can be sent over email directly from your free myPOS online merchant account.

In addition, you will also receive a link for each invoice which you can use across other channels such as SMS, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viber or WhatsApp.

Your customers will then receive the link and can attend to the immediate payment of your invoice. This link takes them to a secure payment gateway which creates an even smoother payment collection experience.

The payment link is a truly innovative offering as the invoice link you receive can be sent through the multiple distribution channels described above.

Most invoicing software on the market only offers you a pdf or some other file type, which doesn’t enable you to easily track and monitor incoming payments or customise it to fit your business.

What’s more is that you can get paid by both cards or bank transfers, another unique advantage! Keep in mind that standard invoicing software only accepts bank transfers.

How much does it cost?

You can now choose between a free and an unlimited plan, depending on the number of customers you need to issue invoices to.

The free plan enables you to send any number of invoices to up to 5 customers, while with the unlimited plan you can generate invoices to unlimited number of customers at the reduced price of only 14.50 EUR a month.

With the unlimited plan, which is available for an annual fee of only 14.90 9.90 EUR/month, you get the first month FREE.

Alternatively, you can get the unlimited plan on a monthly basis at only 14.90 12.50 EUR/month with the first month absolutely FREE as well.

You’ll also be able to subscribe, test and use the invoicing feature free of charge for a month, see how it can help your business and stay in control of all your received payments!

Enjoy a free and seamless invoicing experience!

With myPOS’ latest invoicing value-added feature, merchants across Europe can enjoy a seamless invoicing experience.

Tailor your invoices to suit your business needs and send them electronically to your customers.

This easy setup enables you to not only receive your payments without hassle, but it also allows you to stay in control of your business’ payments.

Monitor and track all progress of payments, set due dates and more through your PC.

Try myPOS invoicing today!

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