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How Bodega restaurants win customers with myPOS

The peculiarities of the food industry

It may seem that running a food place is a simple task – after all you can get food nearly everywhere and these places look like they can never go out of business. The truth, however, is rather different. Operating a restaurant has never been easy and to become great in this business you must offer impeccable services to every guest all the time.

Have you ever been to a Bodega restaurant?

Bodega is a popular restaurant chain in Bulgaria, offering excellent Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and fine selection of wines. Their menu is particularly famous for the meat buffet available to visitors every day. At the moment Bodega is present in four locations – three in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and one in Varna, the largest Bulgarian city on the Black Sea. By visiting a Bodega restaurant, clients immerse themselves in the delicious food that Spain offers so don’t miss this opportunity next time when you visit Sofia or Varna.

What makes Bodega different from the competition?

The simple answer is with the outstanding guest service that every restaurant in the chain offers. Guests are treated with attention, really nice Spanish music, tasty food, wonderful Spanish-style furniture and most importantly – with easy ways to pay. After all, would you really want to spoil a great evening by offering an inconvenient method to settle a bill?

This is where myPOS steps in. Being a partner to Bodega for a few years now, it is easy to say that myPOS solved all issues when it comes to card payments. The company uses several myPOS Mini and myPOS Combo payment terminals because of the fact that they are compact, mobile and easily fit in the waiters’ pockets.  All payment terminals support tipping as well as multi-operator mode, which provides an individual log-in code for each waiter and detailed reporting of the individual turnover and tips Needless to say all major cards and mobile wallets are accepted and Bodega makes wide use of contactless payments – mostly by smartphone!

Bodega also gets a revenue boost by using myPOS Payment Request. When someone wants to reserve a table, they get a payment request on their smartphone. The table is only reserved when the client pays the required deposit over Payment Request. Thus the Bodega restaurant staff knows the guest will come for sure, while the client is certain they will have a table for the evening. The end result is increased customer satisfaction and better revenue flow for the restaurant.

More benefits not to be missed out

But the advantages of using myPOS payment terminals do not end here. Bodega’s manager, Atanas Iliev, says he is really satisfied with the mobile application that myPOS offers. ‘’ Via the mobile app I can follow in real time transactions happening in the Varna restaurant while I’m at one of our Sofia locations’’.  ‘’I also take great benefits from the free merchant account with business debit card that comes with it, which allows me to pay my suppliers and make purchases whenever I have to’’.

The verdict

Thanks to myPOS, Atanas and restaurants he looks after boast great customer service and satisfaction. Clients can always rely on an easy way to pay and in addition to this myPOS gives Bodega a number of advantages that can help every business prosper. Why stay out of the way to success then? E-mail us at now and we will gladly show you how to be like Bodega!

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