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Complete payment solutions for travel agencies

For many countries, tourism is one of the foundational pillars of their economic strength. 

In order to help travellers and tourists have the best holiday, travel and tourism agencies work as the middleman which arranges the desired travel experience for holiday makers, while making the entire event seamless for them.  

This is why payments – especially in the sphere of tourism – should be quick, convenient and safe, for both the tourist and the merchant. 

Travel agencies need a payments processor to cater to their clientele, but is a universal solution which works for both sides even possible?

The importance of card payments

Over the last few years, one particular trend has become abundantly clear in the world of payments in the travel and tourism sphere – more and more tourists prefer using their cards instead of cash. 

Bank cards are a universal solution. The only risks associated with them (such as lacking funds in your account or losing the card/forgetting your PIN) can be very easily mitigated, which can’t be said for cash. 

But on the merchant’s side, the barrier for payments – the POS terminal – is much bigger, since these devices are typically expensive and do not offer a comprehensive range of solutions. 

So how can merchants obtain a terminal easily, and what are all the functionalities they can enjoy with it?

myPOS – a great payment solutions for travel agents

Luckily, the European payment solution provider, myPOS, has the answer to that question. 

Founded in 2014, and since then, the company has provided all its clients with an affordable and easy-to-use platform for processing card payments. 

Here are just some of the payment solutions which myPOS offers:

1. A free merchant account for travel agents

The online registration is fast and free, and every registered merchant receives a unique IBAN, alongside a free Visa card which allows them to immediately use any funds received from payments or transfers made on that account.

2. A wide variety of affordable, multi-functional credit card machine

From the tiny myPOS Got o the powerful, Android-based myPOS Smart devices, chances are that myPOS has at least one card machine that’s just right for your travel and tourism business.

3. Support for MO/TO payments

The myPOS platform fully supports card-not-present transactions, either over the phone or via email, which can really help hotels, B&Bs and other establishments operating within the tourism sphere. This functionality also has a pre-authorisation feature, which is crucial when tourists make bookings in advance.

4. Useful services such as Payment Request, Tipping, PayButton, PayLink and GiftCards

Numerous services are offered which can greatly aid any business, adding more value to the platform and terminals, while also offering merchants new opportunities for profit. 

The Payment Request function sends a payment link to a client’s email or phone, through which the client can securely perform the payment easily and hassle-free. 

Tipping allows clients to reward you and your employees for a job well done, while PayButtons and PayLinks are perfect for accepting online payments on your website or through various social media channels. 

GiftCards are non-reloadable cards personalised for your store that clients can charge with any amount they wish and use those funds at a later date. They are a great tool for increasing your business’ visibility and encouraging customer loyalty.

5. Topping up pre-paid phones

The cellphone is a tourist’s most valuable companion, helping them not only navigate their way in a foreign land, but also keep in touch with their travel group and call home once in a while. As such, one of the worst situations a tourist can end up in is running out of minutes on their phone. 

Why not offer to top it up when they need it through your card payment device?

6. No monthly or annual fees

myPOS neither has contracts, nor does it charge any kind of regular fees. Instead, a small percentage is withheld from each made transaction made. The merchant pays only when they use their POS terminal – if no clients have made card payments, then the merchant isn’t charged any fees whatsoever.

All the vital payment solutions for your travel agency in one place

Finding the best possible payment solution, especially in the tourism sector, can be a tough job. 

However, there is one platform that comes with many different functionalities in order to ensure that hotels, restaurants and even B&Bs can find every single function they could ever need for their business in one place. 

But how can you start using the platform? 

Just like everything else myPOS-related, it’s as easy as can be! 

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