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Elevating yachting through digital payments with myPOS

Greece’s allure as a summer destination continues to attract a growing number of tourists. The increase in visitors, however, means that local businesses need to respond to global consumer trends such as supporting a cause, being eco-friendly and using digital tools and payments. This shift in consumer behaviour compelled one small business – Endless Blue Cruises – to adapt to the changing trends and meet the evolving demands of their clientele. 

Join us as we explore the success story of Endless Blue Cruises and show how implementing digital payments into its workflow not only streamlined transactions but also helped the business increase customer satisfaction.

The story behind Endless Blue Cruises

The origins of Endless Blue Cruises trace back to a passion for the sea and a deep understanding of the yacht market. Driven by his unwavering commitment and determination, George Alexandris, the CEO, transformed his maritime passion into a thriving business. Despite realising his dream, George remains dedicated, personally captaining every cruise to ensure the utmost satisfaction for the customers.

Upon boarding Endless Blue Cruises, guests are welcomed with an array of carefully selected beverages, seasonal fruits and delicious homemade treats, creating an atmosphere of comfort and cosiness. The company offers a variety of options, including breakfast or seafood BBQ, tailored to individual preferences. Customers can be assured of a memorable and gratifying holiday experience.

Offering a broad range of services

Endless Blue Cruises caters to diverse preferences and occasions with its array of activities and destinations. Clients can choose private daily cruises to the famous bays of Rhodes or close islands like Lindos, Symi, Seskli, Chalki and Alimia. A fishing cruise is also available, complete with provided equipment For those seeking adventure beneath the waves, a scuba diving cruise, guided by licensed instructors offers exploration opportunities. Furthermore, the company provides romantic sunset cruises, setting the perfect stage for cherished moments.

boat on port

For clients celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays, bachelor parties or anniversaries, the Endless Blue Cruises crew precisely arranges everything to create unforgettable memories. Moreover, for an immersive and unique experience, George Alexandris and his team offer the opportunity to embark on a private charter lasting up to 7 days, exploring the Dodecanese islands.

The convenience of POS technology in yacht travel

Amidst the evolving landscape of customer preferences and the surge in demand for cruise services, Endless Blue Cruises recognised the importance of offering convenient payment options. As the majority of tourists prefer to pay by card, the company made a strategic investment in a myPOS Go terminal. This standalone portable card reader comes with an integrated SIM card to ensure free network connectivity, allowing secure transactions no matter the boat’s location. George spoke highly of myPOS, stating:

“Card payments are the go-to choice for many of our customers. With myPOS Go, we’ve taken it a step forward by offering a secure and reliable payment method. It’s been a great choice as it has truly elevated our business operations. The transactions occur smoothly and fast, allowing us to save valuable time.”

mypos terminal and endless blue cruises brochure

Sailing towards a digital horizon

In a world where consumers invest significant time in research and seek the best offerings, having a website has become indispensable for small businesses. To establish an online presence and showcase its services to potential clients, Endless Blue Cruises leveraged the myPOS Online functionality. This way, customers can easily book their dream cruise and plan their trips.

Contrary to the belief that website development incurs hefty costs, myPOS offers businesses to create their web presence for free – a minimal fee is applied only upon making a sale. The only work required from you is choosing a name and a template that best suits your brand’s personality. With a host of value-added services like instant settlement, inventory tracking, tipping functionality, and many more, myPOS empowers businesses to thrive.

Endless Blue Cruises has embraced the convenience of myPOS, providing secure card payment options and a user-friendly website, showcasing its commitment to meeting customer demands in the ever-changing market.

“myPOS Online has been an absolute game-changer for our business. We were able to effortlessly create our own website to offer our products and services in a professional manner and establish a strong online presence. The online booking feature is a significant boost for customer interactions, as they can now easily book appointments, which ultimately leads to increased satisfaction, ” says George Alexandris

myPOS stands as a valuable ally for businesses, providing diverse online payment solutions that won’t strain your budget. Offering an array of advantageous features, including a free merchant account, instant funds payout, online payment acceptance tools and invoicing, merchants get a comprehensive solution in one easy-to-access platform.

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