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How to illustrate your way to a successful one-man show

Managing your own business is no easy feat, especially when doing it all alone, but as difficult as it may look, it can be twice as rewarding. 

Beatriz Penas is an example – she’s a small merchant with a big drive. And while she never really planned to be an entrepreneur, her story is a reminder that success is not defined by the size of one’s venture, but by the depth of passion and determination. Now, let’s take a trip amidst the streets of Portugal where a tale of creativity, optimism and making it on your own unfolds.

Taking a leap of faith and building financial independence

Although the idea to take up illustration came later, Beatriz knew she wanted a creative career. She started studying design at the university and later transitioned and did her degree in art conservation and restoration. Still unsure of the path she wanted to take, she took  a trip through Asia where she reignited her passion for creating. Around this time, she discovered social media artists and illustrators making a living through their online shops, which pushed  Beatriz to establish her own Etsy store. Despite the initial uncertainties, her leap of faith laid the foundation for a thriving business venture.

“It was a complete light bulb moment; I realized this was what I wanted to do and what I was passionate about! The beginning and growth was a lot harder than I thought but I’m glad I took the jump without thinking too much about it.” 

micro business crafting

As a micro merchant in the field of illustration, Beatriz was confronted with stereotypes and societal misconceptions surrounding her craft. The perception of her illustrations as ‘childish’ was one obstacle on her path. Another was scepticism regarding the possibility of being financially independent. However, Beatriz’s resilience and self-sufficiency shattered these barriers and she didn’t let prejudice cast a shadow on her creativity and success.

Unlike traditional businesses, Beatriz relied on her own resources to fuel her entrepreneurial journey, circumventing the challenges of accessing external funding. This independence took its toll on her personal life, with her business being considered financially “risky” and making it hard for her to buy her first home. Despite all hardships, she’s very proud to be making it on her own for almost 4 years.

Micro business, big responsibilities

As a “one-woman show”, Beatriz embodies the description of micro businesses, where individual ingenuity and versatility are key. Despite the small scale of a micro business, running everything on your own is a huge task. Beatriz balances multiple roles, from production and marketing to customer engagement. She shares that not having to manage multiple employees is a plus but she still has to be very agile and organised.

“I consider myself a small business but there’s a lot that goes through having a business all by yourself! We fit a lot of ‘hats’ and that makes it a big thing, at least for me,” Beatriz said. 

handmade designs

Beatriz underscores the indispensable role of micro businesses in fostering economic vitality and innovation. Micro entrepreneurs are a catalyst of empowerment and bring variety within the business ecosystem. Their success stories serve as beacons of possibility, inspiring future entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.

Drawing from her entrepreneurial journey, Beatriz offers this great advice to aspiring business owners: embrace uncertainty, initiate action, and cultivate resilience. 

“Just go for it! We tend to overthink things, only risking when all the possible outcomes need to be perfect, otherwise we don’t do it. We improve over time but it’s much easier to do it after we begin. Otherwise most of the time we don’t even know what to improve!” 

myPOS makes events a breeze

As her business grew, Beatriz started to attend many in-person events, like markets and conventions and felt the need to start accepting card payments. She tried a payment solution that she was not happy with and wanted something more reliable and convenient, without the need to connect her phone to accept payments. That’s how she discovered myPOS.

micro business uses myPOS card machine

myPOS’ user-friendly interface, robust battery life, and autonomy from mobile devices have revolutionised Beatriz’s in-person transactions, enhancing efficiency and convenience during events and markets.

“It was the best change I could have made! The battery lasts a long time, sometimes the whole weekend of the event, which is really important because most of the time I don’t have access to electricity. It’s a very fast and intuitive method to accept payments, I love it!”

Beatriz’s entrepreneurial journey highlights the boundless versatility, resilience, and innovation within the micro business landscape. aPenas Illustrator serves as an inspiration to all future entrepreneurs, teaching them to take the risk and that every setback is an opportunity for growth. 

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