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myPOS has potential for the fintech industry and my career

Vladislav Marinov is one of the new talents in the Web Development department at myPOS. He shares his views on his future in the fintech industry and what motivates him in his work.

2024 started for Vladislav at myPOS with his biggest passion – web development. On the first workday of the year, he took the position of Junior Web Developer.

“I’m lucky that myPOS offered me the career path I’ve always wanted.”

Vladislav has been working on for six months with his team. He deals with all the processes that customers see on their browsers and the accounts they get when registering. In addition, he maintains the updates on the website and monitors for issues. “I’ve always been drawn to web design and building aids for businesses,” he says.

Vladislav aspires to a future in fintech because he believes the industry offers valuable development. “It’s a payment business, which means I will be monitored extensively and my actions will be analysed so I can improve,” he says. Feedback is important to him, and he gives it to his team leaders. “I was very impressed that they were also interested in my opinion,” he says.

His talent for web development unfolded during his business management studies in London. He took the initiative to attend extra lectures on website programming, design, and maintenance at the university from which he had recently graduated. This is his first job as a Web Developer with no professional experience.

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Why did you choose myPOS?

What won me over is that it’s a large-scale company and partners with Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Apple. I believe myPOS provides a product of quality and necessity, so it will grow even more in the European market.

What tools are used by your team?

Work on the website is mainly JavaScript with React and PHP with Symfony. These are pervasive technologies and I’m improving my skills on both. I’ve noticed that other teams use popular languages and tools as well. The project has a solid foundation with room to build on.

What training does myPOS provide?

When starting out, myPOS provides training platforms on different technologies and you always have someone to turn to when you need assistance. Since I have already gained some experience, the best training for me is looking at the architecture of the platform and especially the code itself. I draw my conclusions and learn from the practices used in the project.

What qualities are needed for your profession?

Judging by my position as a junior programmer – being self-reflective, being able to take constructive criticism and use it as motivation. For me, the idea of feedback is to build yourself as a professional.

What do you like most about your job?

I like that the teams here are connected. This connection is the most interesting for me, but if it gets lost, the whole process won’t work. Communication is key here. Things are not entirely up to you but your communication with others.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training

And what makes you feel successful?

I’m happy to contribute to a company that serves over two hundred thousand customers, and see the changes I’ve made to the website. I like it when colleagues ask for my opinion and I’m able to properly advise them.

What is the next step for you at myPOS?

I would love for myPOS to provide me with the opportunity to be a mentor or coordinate a team once I move through the upper levels in the department.

How would you describe your team?

Everyone is welcoming, which has helped me fit in. They have introduced me to the tradition of spending our lunch breaks together. During our short breaks , we play foosball.

How do you spend your free time?

Sport is a strong foundation in my life. I owe a lot to it – discipline, motivation, determination. Recently I started to attend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in Business Park Varna. I was invited by a colleague from the web team, and what impressed me is that they are conducted by another colleague from Brazil, lifelong trainer – Flavio. He is a real inspiration to me and the whole group.

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