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Introducing myPOS Private Label GiftCards

Building a thriving business requires hard work and dedication.

What’s more, small-business owners should always be looking for new ways to delight and retain their customers. Creating customer loyalty and brand awareness can be tough but there are tools and tricks that can help. A few years ago, only the biggest brands could take advantage of them but myPOS changed the game for the small business.

What are Private Label GiftCards?

The Private Label GiftCards are stored-value cards that the merchants can order directly from their myPOS accounts. Once received, the cards can be easily set to a certain amount and most importantly, can be redeemed only at the merchant’s establishment.

That makes the GiftCards an extremely effective marketing and sales tool which will help the merchants build brand awareness and boost their sales at the same time.

The GiftCards are very popular and the customers who usually buy them as a gift for someone else. They bring convenience and power of choice for the clients, and more repeated and new purchases for your business.

Being a great incentive, the Private Label GiftCards can be also used to support various marketing campaigns and special promotions. Branded with the company name they are like a little brand reminder nestled in the customers’ wallet.

How to order myPOS Private Label GiftCards?

All merchants with devices can order Private Label GiftCards directly from their accounts. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose a design and add your company name
  2. Place the order and the cards will be delivered to your door
  3. Load the GiftCards on your myPOS terminals

Each card costs as little as 1 EUR. There are no additional fees, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make your business better and order your Private Label GiftCards today.

Eager to learn more about Private Label GiftCards? Visit our website and learn how to increase your sales with myPOS Private Label GiftCards.

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