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myPOS and the endless science of… wine

myPOS’ brand message “helps my business grow” takes us to another special place: in the heart of Sofia, in a beautiful old house, on the way to a premium wine experience. La Maison De Katarzyna Wine & Tapas is the aristocratic home of Katarzyna Estate wines. Established last autumn, the store enjoys an exceptional reputation from the very beginning, having inherited the brand’s history with its terroir and a cellar in the southernmost part of the country. 

“We first started working with myPOS in our online store. Then we saw how flexible their solutions make us, how easy it is to integrate the payment method on our website and how fast payment management is done with myPOS. Our good impression logically continued with a mutual partnership when we chose them as a card payment provider of La Maison de Katarzyna,” shares Tsvetelina Nikolova – Managing Director of Katarzyna Estate.

Katarzyna Tsvetelina Nikolova

Can you tell us more about La Maison de Katarzyna – is it a dream or a solid business strategy?

La Maison de Katarzyna is a dream come true. It didn’t take long from the idea to its realization. We were lucky to find a place that matches our dream. The events, tastings, and wine presentations at La Maison de Katarzyna bring the atmosphere of a special event and a feeling of beautiful emotion.

How do you get inspired to develop the business and to overcome obstacles?

I am inspired by the challenges overcome and the success achieved. I don’t like to take risks in the management of the company, but am brave with starting new projects and endeavors. Katarzyna Estate won recognition from one of the most successful and modern Bulgarian wineries, which is a sign that all our activities and the model of our business are in the right direction. I believe nothing is impossible when you work hard to build up a brand image of Bulgarian wine.

What were the business goals in the beginning and how are they changing now?

“Onwards and upwards” is the slogan that leads me. The science of wine has no limits so I keep learning. The years when I graduated in marketing at France’s most prestigious wine institute, the OIV, I call the book of my life. We have a lot of ideas for Katarzyna Estate and while working on them, I see the good prospects, which attracts me immensely.

What benefits and convenience do the myPOS products bring for you and your customers?

We use online transactions for card payments in our online store, we often use the Payment Request functionality, which we find very convenient. We have a mobile POS terminal that facilitates the payment process upon delivery. For La Maison de Katarzyna, we chose a POS terminal for contactless payment by card and by mobile device. A big advantage that myPOS provides is that the paid amounts are settled in the business account immediately. This makes management easier in real time, access to information is very convenient, communication with the myPOS team is always intact for peace of mind if solving a problem. We plan new projects ahead and are sure we will choose the myPOS partnership in them as well.

myPOS in partnership with Katarzyna

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