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“We like it when a Bulgarian team gets involved in the creation of something new and useful for businesses. This is myPOS – a company built on good business solutions. The devices used by the operators at Quartal Food Park enable seamless sales, while providing a number of value-added services. They have reasonable transaction rates, and the money gets settled in the account immediately. Your new POS terminals are great in terms of functionalities and design.”

This was shared by Slavi Hristov from Quartal – the first food park in Bulgaria that has attracted over 300,000 food connoisseurs in less than a year to share their experience in taste.

Social gathering at Quartala

The park concept was inspired by a trip to Amsterdam in 2017 and lunch in an old tram factory, turned into a welcoming space for different tastes, created in the kitchens of dozens of restaurants. Slavi Hristov and Tsvetan Todorov were deeply inspired by this new, but favorite culinary trend in Europe when they decided that if London has its BoxPark, Prague has Manifesto and Lisbon has Time Out, Sofia will get its Quartal. This is how they started working on their dream that has an address today at Cherni Vrah Boulevard. It is the place where the best brands in street food and gastronomy meet. The emotions are spontaneous, the music is incredibly pleasant, the taste reaches gourmet levels.

Quartala food

From the very beginning, the Quartal founders were thinking of digitalising payments. When creating the park, they had the idea to develop it as a cashless payment zone at some point. This would help the business keep track of its expenditures and optimise its time-planning during working hours, allowing it to operate without any losses. At the moment, customers can choose from cashless or cash payments. myPOS partners with some of the brands represented in the food park, including Hummus Bar, Mastercard Taste Box, Leo`s Pasta, Coffero, Street Chefs, Ribs Brothers, El Gallo Cantina Mexicana, Stick & Soup. Many of the Quartal events encourage customers to use their cards more often.

Food Park Quartala

Quartal begins its story in an unpredictable business year. Slavi and Tsvetan have concerns they might not succeed but they are convinced their dream is worth every effort, experience, and difficulty they solve together. Today, they get to share the outcome of the dream. In the summer, the park is a favorite place to socialise and share tastes. The goal for the winter is for the operators to be able to handle the costs and that has been partially achieved by Quartal serving as a delivery hub where preferred food delivery companies are presented. “Don’t give up” is the message that motivates its founders to turn an idea into a favorite place with an authentic atmosphere and delicious food.

Slavi Hristov shares: “In the pursuit of the dream for Quartal, regarding each possible”no” we replied with “yes”.

Partnership with Quartala

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