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Not just any copy shop – introducing GuuG!

A student’s educational journey culminates in their thesis. This is probably one of the most important moments for them and binding the thesis should be done with care and diligence. This is where the Rome-based copy shop, GuuG, comes in!

And with a GuuG-printed and bound thesis presented to Pope Francis, this is no ordinary copy shop! GuuG, which has for years boasted record speed and professionalism in thesis printing, offers a very attractive service indeed. But it’s not only thesis printing and binding. It’s a whole lot more, as well. 

So, what is GuuG, what types of services do they offer and how do they make payments acceptance seamless? Let’s find out!

All your copy, design and printing needs in one place

GuuG has been present on the digital printing market since 2015. Their offering includes both graphic design services and the creation of products such as flyers, business cards, printing and binding theses (in one hour or less!).

They also offer coordinated image services and the creation and management of Internet sites. GuuG can be found at two stores in Rome – Borgo Pio and Via Germanico – and online through their e-commerce site.

Choosing the right payments partner

A young and dynamic team of highly qualified graphic designers can help create a professional product that will help customers better promote their business.

Driven by passion and state of the art technology, it’s no wonder that so many students and businesses choose GuuG for their printing and design needs. But such a business offering needs a special business partner for payments acceptance.

So, how does GuuG do this? By partnering with myPOS!

GuuG has partnered with myPOS since 2017 with four active myPOS payment terminals spread over two points of sale. To meet payments challenges, GuuG uses their myPOS account.

They describe this as “powerful, but at the same time easy, intuitive and flexible”, which offers integration into e-commerce systems. GuuG has used the myPOS integration with their e-commerce site and have found that accepting payments online is much faster, more convenient and reliable than others on the market.

Copy that!

Being certified in the Adobe suite allows GuuG to offer rapid design and engineering of documents related to printing – whether this is a thesis or other type of marketing material for businesses or private clients. In the GuuG copy shop, customers can print any type of file from any source.

The GuuG specialists are at your disposal to help with preparing all your files. And with myPOS as GuuG’s payments partner, this offers a smoother checkout process that leads to increased ease and convenience!

If you need an online payment solution for your website or online store, contact us at

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