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myPOS – celebrating one year in Paris!

With confetti, cake, great excitement, and the pop of the champagne bottle, we are incredibly pleased to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of our flagship store in Paris, France! But it’s not only about the champagne, it’s all about what we offer our French clientele that keeps us wanting to offer better and better products and services to them.

Located at 38 Avenue de la Grande Armee, Paris, France’s first myPOS store gives local businesses the chance to discover smart card payments, improve their business performance, and change the lives of over 11,000 merchants in the country.

So, why Paris?

Choosing Paris as one of our key locations in Europe was a decision supported by numbers and rising demand from France’s clientele. Some statistics to put things in perspective include the fact that e-commerce as a percentage of total retail in France is at 10% with average online spend going as high as 1,625 EUR. Meanwhile, mobile e-commerce comprises 36% of the total of B2C e-commerce, which is valued at 73 billion EUR.

France has a highly banked population (94%) and high internet penetration (86%) with 41% of the population owning credit cards. This is why the need to cater to such customers with online payment solutions or card payment terminals is so vital.

Paris is full of small and medium-sized businesses as well as e-commerce stores, which require affordable payment technology on fair terms, and we believe that we at myPOS are well positioned to cater to such needs.

What industries do we serve in France?

As a payment services provider, myPOS is well suited to serve a wide range of small and medium-sized business in France. These range from taxis to coffee shops and take away restaurants, small hotels and guest houses, to online shops – ultimately offering a wide range of payment solutions to suit every different business type.

How myPOS helps businesses in Paris and beyond

Home to over 2.1 million people, Paris is a bustling cosmopolitan city known as the city of love. But apart from the romance, there’s a serious business element, with Paris being known as a major business hub and is the number one region in Europe that hosts the world’s top 500 corporate headquarters.

Whether micro, small or medium-sized, all businesses need a space to flourish and myPOS helps them do just that, offering versatile payment solutions to cater to a wide range of needs and niche requirements. 

Whether celebrating an anniversary (just like us!), a birthday or any other special occasion, the message is best said with flowers. That’s why wIth myPOS, flower shops delivering stunning creations like Bergamotte are now able to accept online payments through their e-commerce website and in person through their several card payment terminals, making purchases absolutely seamless. All this with the added benefit of instant settlement of funds that’s a given with myPOS’ payment solutions. 

The fresh Italian food restaurant Rebecca situated in Paris, caters to their cashless clientele’s payment needs through the myPOS card payment devices. These range from traditional to Smart devices which are safe and secure, hygienic to use and offer customers that layer of extra comfort and convenience when paying. Through the instant settlement of funds, L’Assiette de Rebecca can easily manage their daily expenses and margins, all while offering a superb and unforgettable culinary experience.

But we go beyond Paris, too, as far as the quaint districts of Lille, where Nestyou welcomes travellers from all over France and abroad, whether they stop over for business or to discover its heritage steeped in history. Run by Astrid Lemaire for the past three years, Nestyou is a chain of apartment-hotels with a dozen apartments. Using a myPOS Mini payment terminal for the past year, Astrid says that thanks to myPOS, she can now directly pay all the service providers with whom she collaborates using the bank card connected to her myPOS account. Astrid mentions: “With myPOS, I can not only accept payments, but also take security deposits and make remote payments; actions that I could not perform via the majority of standard banks. In fact, with the myPOS solution, Astrid accepts remote payments with the virtual terminal, payments by SMS/e-mail or by offering the classic MO/TO.

A rapid response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic created a whirlwind situation for many small and micro merchants in terms of doing business across the world. The same was true for merchants operating in Paris and France in general. Contactless payments – with the encouragement of major card providers such as Visa and Mastercard, who increased contactless payment limits – became the norm as customers sought that added level of hygiene and protection through a contactless payment experience – whether through their contactless cards, wallets or smart watches.

myPOS quickly responded to this crisis by offering merchants a wide range of contactless and hygienic payment terminals, according to the much-needed demand for this, thus reducing the risk of spreading the virus further, protecting business owners, their staff members and their customers. What’s more, with the support of our local team in Paris, we were also able to offer merchants a cost-effective payment solution – through our payment terminals and online payment solutions, helping small businesses stay afloat during the economically turbulent times of the pandemic.

Let’s pop open the champagne bottle!

We’re excited to be celebrating our one-year anniversary in Paris, and if you’re in the vicinity, stop at the store and say a quick “hi” to our friendly staff members! They’ll help you choose the ultimate payment solution most suited to your business needs and offer you a 10% off on your next purchase if you buy a device by 03/10/2020. Now celebrating one-year in Paris, we are looking forward to many more in the future!

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