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Optimising event planning: Sean Paul’s concert with myPOS

Dancehall sensation Sean Paul recently captivated a crowd of over 15,000 fans at Cinecittà World in Italy. Тhe concert was staged by Luxury Events and Undermoon, who share their experience how to organise a remarkable event and reduce costs through cashless payment options.

The challenges of planning an event

Venue choice and logistics

Choosing the right concert venue is crucial in determining the overall success of an event. Factors like acoustics, location, accessibility and accommodations must be carefully evaluated for a memorable experience for both the audience and artists. Organisers need to ensure that the venue can accommodate the expected number of attendees, while also implementing crowd control measures to maintain safety standards. Logistics planning is equally vital, covering aspects like load-in and load-out schedules and parking to ensure smooth and efficient operations, while minimising disruptions.

The chosen space for Sean Paul’s concert was the Cinecittà World in Rome – a cinematic amusement park sprawling over 30 hectares. The park not only provided enough space for the fans but also created an immersive experience for the concert itself. Depending on the ticket selection, the fans had the chance to explore some of the 40 thrilling attractions situated in its seven cinema-themed areas. Moreover, they were able to book a hotel stay near the place, making the experience well-organised and convenient.

Time management

Navigating the intricacies of time management in event planning is a complex task, particularly when coordinating with artists. Clear communication, organisation, and attention to detail are paramount for a smooth experience.

In the context of Sean Paul’s concert, Luxury events and Undermoon build flexibility into the schedule to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a smooth transition between acts. The concert began with Ludovica Pagani’s DJ set, followed by a brief pause in case of any delays. The main event then featured Sean Paul, accompanied by his band and dance troupe. Thereafter, the festivities transitioned into Radio Mambo’s DJ set, providing an engaging after-party for fans to continue enjoying the night. This careful scheduling contributed to a well-coordinated event, allowing for adjustments without disrupting the overall flow.

Sean Paul

Budgeting and financial management

Financial constraints pose a significant challenge when organising big concerts. To offset expenses, organisers could explore various revenue streams such as merchandise, sponsorships or effective collaborations.

Another approach to cost reduction, while improving the overall experience, is opting for cashless options. This has become a favourable practice, providing numerous benefits like faster, more convenient and sustainable payments. Furthermore, partnering with an innovative payment solution provider can yield real-time data and valuable insights into customer preferences, allowing immediate optimisation of staff and inventory based on popularity. Digital payments provide comprehensive awareness of product sales across various levels, including bars, location, staff, variety of drinks and food, as well as peak moments.

Efficient cashless transactions with myPOS

For Sean Paul’s concert, the organisers strategically reached out to myPOS as their payment provider. A total of 17 card machines (10 Carbon and 7 Go 2) operated at full capacity across all 9 bars. The card machines were used for ticket sales and upgrades, as well as drinks and food. This was a strategic move as it provided cashless transactions, reducing the time spent in lengthy queues at the ticket points and bars. On the other hand, this contributed to a safer environment, as the risk of theft and fraud was drastically minimised.

Luxury Events concert

The myPOS card machines not only improved the overall experience for attendees but provided significant benefits to the organisers as well. Here is what they had to say about using our products:

“People appreciate card payments at concerts and festivals because they find them easier and more convenient. We are pleased that we chose myPOS as our partner for the event, and we believe it is truly unique.”

At large-scale events, it is crucial to choose a system that is swift, secure and stable, given that transactions can vary from hundreds to thousands. All myPOS devices come with a free integrated SIM card that ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity during operations. Furthermore, it offers numerous features like tipping functionality and multi-operator mode, allowing tracking of individual staff performance.

“Our favourite feature is the instant settlement, as we don’t have to wait to receive all the funds. They are available at the moment, allowing us to spend them straight away.”

payment on a card machine myPOS Go 2

Organising large-scale events comes with numerous challenges and unforeseen situations, underscoring the importance of early planning. Embracing modern practices and strategic collaborations is key to ensuring success. Sean Paul’s concert showcased the perfect blend of music and technology, leaving lasting memories for all in attendance.

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