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Endless Blue Cruises: From sea passion to business

In the heart of Greece, a captivating narrative unfolds, telling a story of passion, perseverance, and the fulfillment of dreams. This is the remarkable journey of Endless Blue Cruises, a cruise business that rose from the sea itself.

A childhood by the sea transformed into a business idea

Our tale begins with a soul, born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece – George Alexandris. He had a deep-rooted love for the ocean, nurtured during childhood weekends spent by the sea, impatiently awaiting those moments to fish with his family. However, daily access to the sea was a dream growing up, except for weekends and summer holidays.

As time flowed on, that yearning for the sea and the cherished memories of days spent fishing remained a persistent undercurrent in George’s life. It wasn’t until the arrival of his own family that a daring decision took root—a decision that would change the course of his life. The family’s chosen haven was Rhodes, a place where the comforts of everyday living coexist with the timeless charm of the Mediterranean.

The decision to relocate happened overnight, and the very next morning, they were on the island. What followed was a journey that transitioned a beloved hobby into a full-fledged profession.

The fruits of diligence and dedication

One challenge of the yachting business is obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses, to operate legally. The complexity of this process comes from the need for specialised skills and a precise understanding of local regulations, which can be time-consuming. George completed a school of rescue and firefighting, gained certifications for all types of boats, a professional diver’s license, and a VHF operator’s license, which allows him to use a very high-frequency ship radiо; he also completed classes related to first aid, tourism and sales.

At the same time, he spent years working as a skipper on various vessels, which turned out to be a strategic move, as it equipped him with insights into the world of sea tourism and a good understanding of the customers’ food and boat preferences as well as their culture.

After gaining well-rounded experience, he decided to take the risk of leaving his job and starting his own company. The yachting business requires high investment, so, the first significant milestone was buying a yacht tailored to meet the preferences of potential clients.

“All those years of experience have helped me understand what the customers want and need. I am not afraid of taking risks, as I know the right moment will never come if I don’t challenge it. That is why I trusted my instincts, quit my job and invested my savings into a yacht, and this is how Endless Blue Cruises was born”

Beautiful yacht cruising in the sea

Customer satisfaction is the key drive

Of course, the path to success has its challenges. Starting from scratch on an island without local connections or external support may seem daunting, especially in a competitive industry like the yachting one. And since the industry is well known for its expensive maintenance and high costs, distinguishing your company and securing clients from the beginning is crucial.

“I want my clients to feel comfortable and enjoy every moment on the boat. That is why all the management rests on my shoulders – from captaining all cruises to handling cooking and boat maintenance. Recently, my two daughters joined in, making the business family-run. I saw how this contributed to an even warmer and more welcoming atmosphere for our clients.”

Besides the warm welcome on board, the cruise offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of each client. Endless Blue Cruises provides daily charters, exploring the most popular bays in Rhodes or nearby islands, including Lindos, Symi, Seskli, Chalki, and Alimia. If the client has a special occasion, George will personalise the whole trip, thus including the destinations, music, drinks and food choices. Also, to fully capture the moment, a photo shoot is provided, together with a video made by a drone.

For the people who don’t have an event to celebrate, Endless Blue Cruises offers more adventurous activities like scuba diving and fishing cruises. All of the equipment is provided on board, so clients don’t have to worry about buying or renting it. Lastly, for people seeking a charming escape or a more extended and private experience, the company provides romantic cruises and weekly private charters.

By offering diverse services, George ensures repeat customers, forming both a consistent business flow and a powerful marketing strategy. Satisfied clients become advocates, driving positive word-of-mouth and online referrals for an expanding clientele. In the unpredictable yachting industry with challenges like seasonality and economic shifts, a loyal customer base provides essential stability. Additionally, the personalised service approach positions the company to quickly adapt to market trends, ensuring a sustained competitive advantage.

Efficient booking and payments through innovation

Being a business whose focus is mainly on tourists, having an online presence and facilitating online payments is crucial. Recognising this, George actively sought partnerships to streamline business operations, ultimately leading to a collaboration with myPOS.

He created his website entirely for free, thanks to myPOS Online, enabling people to explore the company’s offerings and book their cruise in advance while planning their trip to Greece. George also equipped Endless Blue Cruises with card machines, ensuring he wouldn’t miss a client.

“Initially, I invested in the myPOS Go terminal, and the impact was immediate. More customers prefer to pay by card because they avoid carrying cash during vacations. When I saw the results, I equipped my business with the latest version of the device – myPOS Go 2

Endless Blue Cruises accepts payments with myPOS Go 2

George took advantage of another payment solution which he says likes the most:

“The Payment Request feature has become my favourite. I simply send the payment link to my clients via chat, they pay me, and just like that, the deposit for the cruise is made in seconds. In that way, my clients can secure their bookings and I don’t have to worry about people not showing. Everything goes smoothly and quickly, and the best part is that I have my funds available straight away.”

The journey of Endless Blue Cruises is a testament to building success on passion, risk-taking, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In a world where entrepreneurship may seem daunting, this story serves as a reminder that success is achievable through dedication and a customer-first approach. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur in the cruise industry or a small business owner, the message is clear: Embrace challenges, understand your customers, and let passion steer the way.

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