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The perfect beauty salon experience uncovered

Beauty is not just physical appearance but rather a state of mind. Treating your customers to a unique and unforgettable beauty salon experience can turn your business into a true success and help you stand out from the rest. 

Let’s see what it takes to offer a great salon experience that will make your clients want to come back for more.

Organize a comfy waiting area

Making a brilliant first impression is among the key factors behind the perfect beauty salon experience.

The best way to win the hearts of your clients from the start is by greeting them into a cosy and stylish waiting area.

Let’s face it – no matter how organized your calendar is, there is always a chance that clients may have to wait for a few minutes before they can be invited for their beauty procedure. 

This is the best time to relax your customers set the start of their amazing salon experience with you.

Position a comfortable couch in your salon’s waiting area, put on a calm and relaxing playlist, keep the latest beauty magazines out, and let your clients adapt to the atmosphere.

Pamper your clients with refreshing beverages 

Most beauty salons are accustomed to offering a glass of water. However, in order to provide a top experience that is difficult to ignore, you can take this to the next level and truly pamper your clients. 

Make your beauty salon stand out by offering a selection of beverages that are refreshing and healthy. Depending on your local area laws, you could offer complimentary cocktails on the weekends.

Some of the safest and most appealing drink options include herbal tea, coffee, soda, and fruit smoothies. 

Keep every customer entertained

Some beauty procedures could take a long time to complete, meaning that your clients will most likely be seated down for more than an hour.

Offering extra entertainment during this time can completely change the way your clients perceive your salon.

For instance, give customers the freedom to choose a TV channel, offer access to a high-speed internet connection, or ask for their favourite radio station.

It is also a great idea to prepare in advance and keep phone charging cables near every station. Clients will surely appreciate that you have paid attention to the small details.

After all, such things can make or break a loyal, long-term customer relationships. 

Give them the chance to pay in their favourite way

The salon experience doesn’t end when the beauty service is over. In fact, it continues even after the client has left the salon. 

Encourage your customers to spend more by offering the freedom to pay as they wish. Cash payments are no longer enough.

The inconvenience of asking a client to wait because you don’t have change to give is something most salons are familiar with.

Today, with the help of technology, clients are increasingly turning an eye towards faster, secure, and convenient ways of paying. With a mobile card machine by your side, you can accept all major cards and mobile wallets with ease! 

The good news is that adopting such technology means that you never again have to miss a payment and your clients will enjoy a quick and seamless payment process.

Remember to ask for a review

Once their time with you is over, ask for a personal opinion of the experience your clients had in your salon.

Show your appreciation for their feedback and suggest that they make their comment public via your website or another review-based platform. 

Asking for an honest opinion will indicate to your clients that you care about their experience and you appreciate transparency.

This is a great way to win your clients’ trust and increase the chance of them coming back to your beauty salon in the future.

In Conclusion

Customer experience is an essential part of any business and it is what drives customer loyalty in the long term.

To help your beauty salon grow and reach new heights of success, offering a top-quality product or service will not be enough.

We hope that these tips for creating an absolutely brilliant salon experience will help your business tackle 2020 with confidence.

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