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The freedom to accept card payments with myPOS

You have just opened a boutique café with a unique coffee selection. Or have achieved your lifelong dream of offering designer clothes and jewelry in your own online store. Perhaps, you organise outdoor markets with local food and handmade products?

Regardless of what kind of products or services you provide, your primary goal is to offer your customers a real experience from the purchase or order process to the actual use or consumption. Accepting different types of payments is an important part of this experience – let’s not forget that the comfort of using technology makes almost 70% of users choose card, phone or contactless card payments. And the attitude of the modern client is to pay freely in small shops, street cafes, taxis and even at the dentist’s office.

Sounds too good to be true?

Accepting card payments is no longer a privilege to large companies only thanks to myPOS – an innovative payment solution, designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Mobile POS terminals with no monthly fees

The compact and mobile credit card machine of myPOS are equally attractive to both customers and merchants. The devices accept all types of cards – cards with a chip, cards with a magnetic strip and contactless cards – and provide a number of “smart” functions such as receiving a tip, sending a payment request, acceptance of MO/TO payments, pre-authorization, top-up of prepaid mobile phones and many more.

One of the main obstacles when accepting card payments is the slow acquisition of funds from received payments. Depending on the card issuer’s bank, this period may range from a few days to a week.

Not with myPOS!

Instant settlement of received funds

When purchasing a myPOS device, you get a free myPOS account where the funds from accepted payments – online or via a terminal – arrive in seconds! Instantly received, they are at your disposal to be used for transactions, online payments or withdrawn in cash with the free myPOS debit card.

And for your online business, there are a number of options for accepting payments like payment links and buttons as well as integration with leading shopping carts. So that each transaction is as easy as a swipe with your payment card.

Free merchant services to help you grow further

If everything here seems impressive, let us surprise you a bit more. In addition to payments, myPOS also offers extra services that increase merchants’ revenue such as Top-up and personalised GiftCards. So, while your clients are drinking aromatic coffee, you can quietly charge a prepaid voucher. And to those who often buy handmade items from your studio, you can offer gift cards with your business logo, which can turn your products into presents for their relatives and friends.

With no monthly fees and binding contracts and a transaction fee from 1.75%, myPOS is all you need to receive card payments freely and to successfully develop your business.

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