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Why choose a paperless POS device

The industry has gotten used to a certain type of POS terminals. These days, for a terminal to be considered “standard” it must be able to print a physical receipt, to the point where customers downright expect it.

However, we live in 2018, where many companies and governments are making a concentrated effort to search for eco-friendly solutions. That includes us, and we’ve thought long and hard about reducing the paper waste of our terminals. That’s why our receipts can be sent through email or MMS, turning them to e-receipts.

So, what are the advantages of a paper-less POS terminal, apart from being eco-friendlier?


  • No consumables

No need to buy paper rolls, no broken paper roll wheels to be replaced. Practically no consumables at all.

  • Less weight

The low weight allows for holding the device with no effort.

  • Smaller size

Smaller size makes it possible to bring the device in your purse. Since it’s not much bigger than a cell phone, it can easily fit most pouches and bags.

  • Series of accessories already available

Accessories for traditional POS terminals are hard to come by, but since the paperless models are smaller many smartphone accessories (such as stands or protectors) can fit them just fine!

  • Paper-less devices are cheaper

For small businesses operating on a small budget, any savings would be more than welcome.


  • Takes longer to issue an e-receipt

Practically it takes a little longer to type in the client’s phone number or email address to send the e-receipt to.

Let’s be clear about something – paper-less terminals are not suitable for heavy duty cash-desks where customers have to be served fast, like in retail stores. Also, to receive an e-receipt, customers need to spell out their email address or phone number, which may be an issue if they don’t wish to share that information with the people around them.

Paperless terminals are most suitable for service providers or traveling merchants who are often on the road and make their deals privately with the customers.

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