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The Inspiring Tale of myPOS featured in Fintech Founders

Entrepreneurship is a tempting path for many financial technology enthusiasts, eager to make a change and offer the next innovative financial service that will change the world. But what does it really take to be a successful fintech entrepreneur in today’s complex and constantly changing business environment? What are the first steps towards a fintech startup? What are the actual problems that the financial services industry needs solutions for? The future of fintech?

There is no better way to answer these questions than to ask successful entrepreneurs from the industry directly.

myPOS is honored and pleased to have its say in Fintech Founders Agustin Rubini’s most recently published book. Inside this thought-provoking read, Rubini interviews 70 leading fintech business founders from around the world to extract the essence of entrepreneurship in financial technology. The chosen companies are part of areas such as financial solutions for small and medium enterprises, lending, investing, insurance, regtech, and more.

Company founder Christo Georgiev is the only Bulgarian business entrepreneur featured in Fintech Founders, alongside some of the world’s most inspirational names when it comes to financial technology and payments in particular.

In the book, Christo shares how he first started as an entrepreneur, how his passion for fintech was born, and how it led to the creation of myPOS.  Fascination from the opportunities technology presents for the fintech future, an entrepreneurial mindset, and hunger for innovation are some of the drivers revealed in the book.

The interview brilliantly depicts what myPOS is – a business-in-a-box payment solution that helps smaller businesses receive cashless payments in-store and online, with payout in seconds 24/7, and no binding contracts. Small merchants can benefit from the myPOS solution and gain instant access to cash without compromising on security. At the end of the interview, Christo Georgiev comments on the future of the commerce industry, considering the influence of technology.

Transparent and intriguing, Fintech Founders offers a wide array of valuable information that is especially important for the fintech industry. It opens a number of questions that we can all ask ourselves – both related to the financial sector and entrepreneurship in general. It gives perspective and a deeper understanding of how some of the world’s top fintech companies were started and what the moving force behind their success is.

A true source of inspiration, Agustin Rubini’s Fintech Founders is available for purchase on Amazon and across other book-selling platforms. Enjoy the read, it is certainly one worth the time!

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