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What are the contactless limits on Apple Pay?

Launched in July 2015 in the UK, Apple Pay truly has made contactless payments effortless.

From the comfort of your Apple device, you can simply load your bank card and go right ahead, making seamless payments.

With the increase in contactless limits in Europe earlier this year, you might be wondering if there are contactless limits to Apple Pay.

We delve into this issue in this blog post.

Banks versus retailers & merchants

There’s a wide range of banks which have chosen not to set contactless limits for Apple Pay.

With myPOS, as long as the payment is within our limit for contactless transactions (45 GBP) or daily limit transactions, no PIN entry will be required.

However, many merchants and retailers in the UK have set 30 GBP as the contactless limit on their card machines, irrespective of whether you’re paying with your smartphone or swiping your card.

For a list of merchants in the UK which accept greater contactless limits above 30 GBP, see here.

Transaction limits for contactless payments in Europe

If you plan on travelling across Europe with your Apple Pay digital wallet, it will come in handy knowing which countries offer Apple Pay and what their contactless limits are.

Below, you will find the transaction limits for contactless payments in shops and the limit at which you will be required to enter your PIN for Apple Pay:

CountryEnter your PIN if your purchase is over…
Austria25 EUR
Belarus120 BYN (Visa), 100  BYN (Mastercard)
Bulgaria100 BGN
Croatia100 HRK
Cyprus50 EUR
Czech Republic500 CZK
Denmark350 DKK
Estonia50 EUR
Finland50 EUR
France50 EUR
Georgia160 GEL (Visa) 100 GEL (Mastercard)
Germany25 EUR (Visa) 50 EUR (Mastercard)
Greece50 EUR
Hungary15,000 HUF
Iceland7,500 ISK
Ireland50 EUR
Italy25 EUR
Latvia50 EUR
Liechtenstein40 CHF
Lithuania50 EUR
Luxembourg25 EUR (Visa) 50 EUR (Mastercard)
Malta50 EUR
Montenegro25 EUR
Netherlands50 EUR
Norway400 NOK (Visa) 500 NOK (Mastercard)
Poland 100 EUR
Portugal50 EUR
Romania100 RON
Russia1,000 RUB
Serbia4,000 RSD
Slovakia20 EUR
Slovenia15 EUR
Spain20 EUR (Visa) 50 EUR (Mastercard)
Sweden400 SEK
Switzerland80 CHF
Ukraine15,000 UAH (Visa) 1,000 UAH (Mastercard)
United Kingdom 45 GBP

Where can you use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is renowned and used worldwide, and the UK has an established contactless payment system.

You will therefore be able to use Apple Pay at all of the stores and restaurants where you already make use of contactless payments.

Some government institutions including have also made these services available for Apple Pay.

These include the Global Entry Service, online basic DBS checks, The Registered Traveller Service and the Electronic Visa Waiver Service.

Apple Pay can also be used within a multitude of apps, the Safari web browser and even on public transport.

Is Apple Pay safe?

Apple Pay is a completely secure method of making payments.

Apple does not store your card details and when you add a card to your Apple device, its details are encrypted and stored only on it.

Your card details are replaced with a “device account number” or a “token”, therefore, all real information is never shared during purchases. 

There’s also face and fingerprint recognition in addition to a passcode, adding further layers of security.

For lost or stolen iPhones, simply log in to Apple’s iCloud and stop payments by selecting the “lost mode” for your device.

How to use Apple Pay with myPOS

myPOS has made using Apple Pay effortless with our new range of Platinum Silver, Gold and Metal cards.

Here’s how to add a myPOS card to your Apple device:

  • Open the Wallet app and add your card 
  • For the card issuer, select “other” and enter the relevant card details
  • After that, just start tapping to pay!

You’re now on your journey to effortless payments!

Wrapping up

Apple Pay is an increasingly popular method of making payments as it is safe and secure, and ultra-easy to to use.

We’re also thrilled to announce that Apple Pay is now ready for the myPOS Platinum range of cards – the Silver, Gold and Metal, and that these cards can easily be loaded on your Apple device. 

In this blog post, we covered some of the contactless limits for Apple Pay in the UK as well as across Europe, which we hope will be of use to you the next time you take out your iPhone or Apple Watch to make a payment – whether in the UK or abroad!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the contents of this article and the myPOS Blog, in general, should not be interpreted as legal, monetary, tax, or any other kind of professional advice. You should always seek to consult with a professional before taking action, since the particulars of your situation may materially differ from other cases.

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