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Winter sports businesses – how to benefit from a cashless clientele

Winter sports are a great way of kicking off the holiday season. As the snow settles in, you know that after a session on the slopes, some hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine await.

And what a pleasure this is for everyone! But if you’re on the other end of this business by offering these services to your customers, are you ready to accept an increasingly cashless clientele?

Skiing, snowboarding & toboggans

Winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing are a great source of fun and entertainment for many. As a business provider, you are ready to offer your customers their skis, outfits, snowboards, goggles, and other equipment associated with these sports.

However, the crux of the matter comes when it’s time to pay. Are you ready to accept payments via a credit card machine?

Most customers these days prefer a cashless form of payment and you need to be ready to accept these types of payments. myPOS is increasingly geared to help your type of business through its wide range of card-accepting devices.

Moreover, with competitive transaction fees and no monthly or annual fees which are paid to most banks, you’ll be able to steer your business in the right direction.

Ice rinks

Ice rinks are another popular form of entertainment during the holiday season – enjoyed by both young and old alike. They can be found in many cities and parks and bring joy and healthy radiance to all those participating in the festive spirit.

Whether just skating around the rink, playing ice hockey or figure skating, your customers will certainly be having a whole lot of fun on the ice.

While the fees for this type of entertainment aren’t generally high, you’ll want to be ready for large groups and be able to cater to them as many of them may not carry cash.

Remember that the clientele in this day and age is mostly cashless as it’s more convenient to pay by card. Offering a card payment solution could definitely win you more customers this winter and myPOS is perfectly geared to help you with this by offering card payment terminals to suit any winter sports business’ needs.

Associated food and beverage stands

What is participating in a winter sport without this being followed by a warm beverage or some tasty treats and snacks?

Most ice rinks, ski & snowboarding slopes and toboggan businesses offer meals and beverages to their clientele to round off their experience and make it a memorable one.

Loved ones gather around a table to share their experiences on the slopes or the rink and warm up. But these associated food and beverage stands that complement the winter sports experience should also be geared towards a cashless clientele.

After all, few people carry cash around in their pockets for security reasons and using cards has become more convenient. This is why we recommend that you get a myPOS card credit machines to cater to these customers.

After all, by doing so, you’ll be able to gain a wider share of the winter business pie and remain competitive at the same time. 

Stay competitive this holiday season

Winter sports and the associated food and beverage stands that go along with them are a great source of joy, fun and entertainment for many during the holiday season.

With a growing consumer base that doesn’t carry cash around, you need to be prepared to meet their payment needs.

Relying on myPOS payment terminal to help you cater to these needs will open your business to more payment opportunities, thereby helping your winter business grow.

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