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Your 5-point summer business checklist

Warm weather, ice creams and sundaes, butterflies, seas and sand…. The summer period is practically here, officially starting in June. With more people out and about, more travellers and summer sales, is your business ready for it? Take a look at our five-point checklist for five tips and ideas about how to welcome the season months in style!

1. A good old tidy-up never hurt anyone

Winter is gone but that doesn’t mean that no damage was caused to your physical location by the natural elements.

This is why checking for damage is a good idea. Look out for cracked windows, blocked ventilation and check out your pipes.

Once done with this overview, consider giving your store a nice clean! Windows, floors, shelves and counters should all be dusted and tidied up to give your shop a cleaner, fresher appearance and make it more inviting for your customers. 

2. Freshen up your online presence

As summer arrives, plan ahead for longer shopping hours, more time outdoors and more people out and about looking for special deals. When it comes to your opening hours, have you made sure to update them? 

Consider doing so on Google Maps, your store’s front door, and anywhere else where these are displayed. Check how other businesses are updating their working schedules and make amends according to industry standards.

Reviews are another important element to tune up your online presence and help you become visible to your target audience. Reviews are today’s word-of-mouth marketing tools. Most customers check out a review before purchasing a product or a service from a business, so you need to consider checking your reviews on a regular basis and addressing both positive and negative reviews in a timely manner, dealing with the negative ones as quickly as possible and trying to resolve the issue to your customers’ satisfaction. 

3. Launch summer deals 

Summer is also a great time for launching new deals, special offers and promotions. It’s the perfect time to reduce prices on winter stock and introduce brand new items to your customers. 

Make sure your email lists are up-to-date, use catchy fonts and colours in your email templates, and ensure your copy and content is as fresh as possible. It might also be time to go through your old email lists and do a spring clean for them, too. Update your lists with information on new clients.

Which customers have unsubscribed? Which customers no longer live in the vicinity? How might you reach more new customers by getting their email addresses? 
Consider offering something small but of value in return for an email address to foster a healthy and long-lasting business relationship.

4. Be visible on mobile and social media 

Shopping on mobile is not a passing trend. It’s the future. 

It’s becoming increasingly easy for customers to shop online or view deals before going into a physical store just by browsing on their smartphone devices.

Is your shop’s website optimised for mobile? 

If not, it’s time to invest in this necessary innovation. Your social media channels are another excellent way of reaching existing and potential customers. Both small business owners and large businesses can take advantage of these channels to improve their cash flow throughout the summer months and boost performance year-round

Make sure you regularly post news, updates and special deals on social media so that your customers can follow you and take advantage of the opportunities you’re offering them. This is another important way of creating brand loyalty.

5. Get involved locally

Summer is usually a busy time associated with street markets, stalls and corner sales. 

This is why you need to stay up-to-date with your local chamber of commerce, to ensure that your store is represented there and that you reach a wider clientele. You can also get your store’s band noticed more by sponsoring local events. Sporting events are one example. You might choose to hand out flyers to passers-by or you might choose to sponsor T-shirts. Either way, this will be a big boost to your brand’s visibility. 

The importance of preparing your business for the summer season

The majority of businesses focus on ways to prepare for winter holidays. For example, Christmas is perceived as the holiday that generates the highest sales volumes, encouraging business owners to explore every avenue to get ready for this seasonality.

However, the summer months also offer tremendous opportunities, no matter whether your business is a brick-and-mortar store or an online shop that you run from your office. 

Here are some of the main reasons why preparing your business for the summer season is a must.

Demand changes 

One of the most important things to understand about the summer period is that it’s associated with significant demand fluctuations based on seasonality.

While this may not impact some businesses, others will need to adjust their strategies according to rising expectations.

For example, those involved in hospitality, tourism, retail, and recreation are likely to witness dramatic peaks in demand during the hot months. By preparing your business in advance, you can respond with adequate stock management, excellent customer service, and a seamless shopping experience

New marketing opportunities 

In addition, the summer season presents a range of new and exciting opportunities to market your brand and promote your products or services.

Planning for this part of your growth in advance will enable you to arrange your marketing campaigns with precision and attract the right shoppers. 

Staffing adjustments

Let’s not forget that the summer season is also associated with different staffing adjustments that must be considered in advance. 

The hot months are tempting for out-of-office moments, vacations, and longer holidays. 

As a business owner, it’s fundamental to address these changes before the season arrives in order to make the necessary adjustments to fill in potential gaps. 

If necessary, put in place a recruitment project, training initiatives, and other practices that can help prevent insufficient staffing.

Opportunities to build on your offering

Based on the type of business you run, the summer may also open the doors to opportunities for new product or service launches. 

Where possible, consider offering products or services specifically designed for summer activities. Some popular niches to explore are outdoor equipment and gear, summer clothing, cooling items, special summer menus, and more.

Of course, this will entirely depend on your business, your target audience, and your available resources. 

The ability to plan financially in advance

Last but not least, preparing for the summer months in advance will allow you to plan financially and avoid unexpected scenarios

The higher demand during this busy season is likely to impact your operational costs. For example, you may need to spend more on staffing, utility bills, marketing, and other parts of the business.

Considering these details on time will allow you to manage your expenses and ensure you have sufficient capital to effectively handle peak season demands without negative consequences.

Final thoughts

Summer is almost here, so take advantage of it to help your business grow! The changes in weather, shopping habits, increased availability of outdoor events, and more are great opportunities to get your brand noticed. Use our 5-point checklist to help your business start off summer on a positive vibe and keep the momentum going throughout the season.

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