Supported payment methods

No matter what business or customers you have, you must be able to accept every popular card and payment method right away.

Here are the most popular payment methods, cards and mobile wallets which we can offer for your business:

The rising customer demand and the flexibility of payment methods which new technologies offer are amongst the most important factors as to why it is vital to accept a wide array of payment methods.

  • Visa

    Famous around the world, Visa is used by more than 1.5 billion people. Its popularity makes it the largest global card network in the world in terms of transaction value and is the dominant payment method in all key markets except China.

  • Mastercard

    One of the world’s best known cards with 1 billion holders and rising. Mastercard currently dominates the credit card market in Europe and is the market leader in countries such as Austria, the Benelux economic union, Hungary and others.

  • Visa Electron

    A product of Visa, this is the company’s very popular and flexible debit card, issued around the world.

  • Maestro

    A product of Mastercard, Maestro is the most widely accepted debit card in Europe.

  • V Pay

    The European debit card with enhanced security, issued by Visa Europe.

  • Amex

    American Express or AMEX is America’s most popular credit card, accepted in more than 130 countries and used by more than 100 million people worldwide.

  • UnionPay

    China’s most popular debit card, used by more than 2 billion people in Asia.

  • JCB

    JCB cards are issued by Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), the largest credit card company in Japan, and are accepted in more than 190 countries around the world.

  • Bancontact

    The leading electronic payments method in Belgium. To use Bancontact, the customer needs a card linked to a Belgian bank account.

  • iDEAL

    The most popular online payment method in the Netherlands. iDEAL is an inter-bank system covered by all major Dutch consumer banks.

  • Apple Pay

    A digital wallet, designed with Apple fans in mind, Apple Pay lets consumers pay with their iPhone, iPad, watch or Mac.

  • Google Pay

    A fast and simple way to pay available for Android users. Google Pay allows customers to pay with their Android phone, watch or tablet, using the cards saved in their Google Account.

  • Samsung Pay

    A mobile payment and digital wallet built by Samsung. Samsung Pay allows customers to pay with ease using their Samsung smartphone or another compatible Samsung device.

  • iCard

    One of Europe’s most convenient and flexible payment solutions. iCard is a digital wallet and online banking platform allowing users to pay contactless with their phones or make in-app payments using the iCard mobile app.

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