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Portable card reader

39.00 EUR

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myPOS Go

Take your business with you anywhere

With the integrated FREE 3G/4G data SIM card you are ready to accept payments with your portable card reader wherever you are.

Send digital receipts

Send them via email or SMS straight through the device.

Accept all payment methods

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Contactless, Chip&PIN and Magstripe payments - myPOS Go handles every kind of payment with ease.

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Take tips

Switch on the tipping function inviting your customers to add a tip directly on the credit card reader.

Multi-operator mode

Track individual staff performance and split tips hassle-free.

More than just a portable card reader

Everything you need for your business is in one place

Instant settlement

Receive your money in the myPOS merchant account in less than 3 seconds at no extra charge.

Free business card

As a myPOS customer, you get a free business VISA card for instant access to the accepted funds.

Mobile app

Stay closer to your business and accept payments on the go with the myPOS app.

myPOS free merchant account

Register online in less than 5 minutes and get an e-money account with a dedicated IBAN in 14 currencies.

Your myPOS Account is packed with features you'll love

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Pay only when you get paid

No monthly fees or rental contracts!

39.00 EUR

one-off price
for the card reader


Monthly costs

1.69% + 0.05 EUR

Transaction fee

Get started with myPOS in 3 easy steps

  • Purchase a card reader

    Order your POS terminal from our Online Shop, and get it delivered in up to 3 business days

  • Sign up for a myPOS account

    Fill in the online application form in less than 5 minutes and our team will help you get up and running

  • Start accepting payments

    Once your merchant account is verified, you can start accepting in-store and online payments with instant settlement

Frequently asked questions

In order to accept payments, this card reader has to be always connected to the Internet over 3G/4G through the data card that comes pre-installed along with it.

These are called "electronic receipts". They are sent to the customer’s email or via SMS through the POS device after his/her request. Just enter the customer’s email address or phone number and send the e-receipt.

No, but you don't have to worry about connectivity since the device comes with a free DATA SIM card pre-installed in it. If you need a device with Wi-Fi connectivity, however, check out the other myPOS card machines.

The portable card reader will be delivered from our local store within 3 days.

Right away. It is an instant payment. Processing takes seconds.

You don’t have to own a bank account in order to use myPOS. All payments are instantly settled in your very own, multi-currency myPOS merchant account. Later you can transfer the amounts to any bank account you wish or use the business VISA card we provide to manage corporate expenses.

If the portable card reader gets lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible. The only harm one can do is to accept a certain number of transactions, which later on may have to be charged back (refunded). Your business will have to cover the transaction fees and this is the only harm in case of a lost/stolen device.

The card payment machine uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to accept payments. All cards and devices (incl. mobile phones with an installed e-wallet) can be connected for a payment. Just bring the e-wallet device closer to the reader.

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