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Sell online without an online store

VibeMarket offers you instant card payments and a direct connection with your customers in Viber.

Grow your business online:

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    Become a myPOS

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    Create your Viber

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Become a myPOS merchant

Open a free account with an IBAN and request a free Mastercard business card

Fill in the myPOS registration form and pass a short online identification so that our team can verify your business. Everything happens entirely online and with our support at every step of the process.

With myPOS you get a FREE business account in which you receive all accepted online and mobile payments immediately.

The same account also receives payments accepted at myPOS terminals, if you have any.

Without initial and monthly fees, you pay a fee only per transaction. Our business account also offers you additional services and tools with which to manage your business, and with the myPOS mobile application, you can monitor incoming payments 24/7.

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Create your Viber outlet

Make your business easy to find for the millions of Viber users in Bulgaria

It is time to create your VibeMarket outlet. In order to do so, log in your myPOS account and choose the Viber Outlet menu (check out the "Create a Viber Outlet" video). Meanwhile, you can create your Outlet community using the Viber app (check out the "Create Viber community" video).

After filling in the link to your community for your Viber outlet, your store will automatically appear in the VibeMarket chatbot and the users will be able to find it.

To make VibeMarket an even greater business channel for your business, be sure to add products to your store. Just go to the Sales/Invoices menu in your myPOS account (check out the "Adding a product in VibeMarket" video). You can add as many products as you need in order to attract more customers.

Sell online

Accept payments online with myPOS and receive your money immediately

Being a VibeMarket merchant gives you the opportunity to sell your products and services online and get discovered by the users of the virtual market.

You negotiate orders through a personal message with your clients (check out the "How does VibeMarket work" video). For the payment, just generate a Payment Request from your myPOS account (check out the "How to use Payment Request" video). Send the links to your clients in Viber and track the status of each Payment Request in your myPOS account.

Are you ready to start selling online?

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Join VibeMarket for free!

myPOS and Mastercard invite you to join VibeMarket. Sell and accept payments online in the Viber platform. No investment in an online store, no initial and monthly fees.

It has never been easier to sell online!

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