MO/TO virtual terminal - take card payments online and by phone

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Turn any smart device into an online terminal

Our easy-to-use virtual payment system will help you accept card payments even though there's no card machine in your hands, and the card is on the other side of the world. Virtual credit card processing has never been so easy and affordable - no monthly fee applies for the service. Whether by phone or in person, you’ll always be able to take virtual card payments.

Advantages of using a virtual terminal for phone & mail payments

Here are the benefits for a business that uses a МO/ТO Virtual Terminal to take card payments by email or over the phone:

  • Usable on any device. For your computer, phone or tablet so you can take your business wherever you go. All you need is an internet connection.
  • Transactions can be tracked in real-time and from any location. You do this with our myPOS Mobile app.
  • Specific access can be granted to employees so they can take payments, too.
  • Processing Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions directly from your account.
  • No software to install. No complex integration, expensive resources or additional software/hardware required

Once the payment is completed, the money instantly arrives in your secure myPOS merchant account. From there, you can make transfers or you can withdraw cash and pay worldwide with your business card.

myPOS card and МО/ТО virtual terminal

Accept remote card payments while free of monthly charges

Upon signing up for a free e-money account with us, you will be just a step away from taking credit and debit card payments online. The application process for the service consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Log into your myPOS merchant account, go to menu Take payments and choose Take МO/ТO Virtual Terminal payment

  • Select the МO/ТO Virtual Terminal menu and apply

  • Our team will confirm if your business is eligible for the service

Once approved, you can accept payments from your favourite device without the inconvenience of paying monthly fees. All payments are settled immediately and the amount appears in your account instantly.

Start accepting MOTO payments!

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