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8 simple tips on how to support small businesses and keep them competitive

It might surprise you but small businesses can make up the bulk of an economy. However, these usually one-man local companies need your support now more than ever. Whether because of the Covid-19 pandemic or other circumstances, it’s critical to help them stay afloat and weather the tough times.

So, how can you help? Here are 8 tips on how to support small businesses and keep them competitive during tough times:

1. Shop local

It might seem obvious but opting for smaller shops instead of large retail chains can really help them get off the ground or stay afloat. Therefore, shopping locally as much as you can as often as you can is one important step to supporting small businesses. 

2. Get on social media

Social media has the potential to cause posts to go viral and it can play a huge role in how a person views a business. Generally, the more likes, shares, and follows a small business gets, the better their brand image will be and the more clients they’re likely to get.

With that being said, consider following your favourite small businesses on Instagram and like and follow them on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag your friends on their posts and stories and use their hashtags whenever possible.

Another idea is to pin their images on your Pinterest account so that whoever follows you will see their items. That way their popularity and the awareness towards them will increase. 

3. Subscribe to emails and newsletters

Stay on top of news released by your best-loved local businesses by subscribing to their emails and newsletters. This way, you can find out about events, promotions, changes, recent developments and so much more.

Compliment them and send them positive vibes with kind words once you’ve received a piece of content for them. Usually, they put in a lot of effort and extra time to get this information out to you, so a bit of appreciation will go a long way. 

4. Spread the word

You already know that word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful ways of either helping a brand reach new heights or fail – all this depending on the opinions and perspectives of the business by their customers. To help your local business grow and get more sales, especially in tough times, consider telling your friends and family about it so that they too can lend their support. 

5. Leave positive reviews

Positive reviews can not only make a small business owner feel good about all the effort they’ve put into offering their products and services, but they can also help other people choose them over a bigger chain store.

So, consider leaving positive reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and more. Likewise, if something has gone wrong, get in touch with them quietly so that they can help resolve the issue, without posting negativity, leaving it to spread on the Internet.

6. Avoid asking for special discounts

Just because they’re local and they know you, doesn’t mean you should ask them for special discounts. For small businesses, every penny counts. So, if you can afford to pay the full price, do so. This will help them with liquidity and buoyancy challenges. 

7. Buy gift cards

Purchasing gift cards now to be used by you or your loved ones later is another great idea. Gift cards act as a promise to the business that a purchase or sale will be made at a later date, giving them more incentive to stay in the game. 

8. Purchase during the holidays

The holiday season can be rough on small companies. This is when they stock up on new items in anticipation of more sales. What’s more is that if their business is seasonal, the profits they make during the holidays are meant to keep them afloat and last for the next couple of months. When a small local business offers their holiday goods, don’t hesitate to support them.


Supporting small businesses means dreams coming true, countless hours of effort, work, and preparation coming to fruition, and it also means helping the backbone of the economy thrive. With these 8 steps on how to support small businesses, we hope we’ve encouraged you to shop at your local merchants whenever you can. 

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