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How to use a POS device to take payments

If you’ve just purchased your new POS device and you’ve signed up for your merchant account, you might be wondering how you can use the card machine to accept payments.

While each device comes in a box with instructions, we’ve prepared an easy-to-use article to help you with your daily payments acceptance.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at traditional and Smart devices, ePOS systems as well as Soft POS solutions for accepting payments. 

Traditional and Smart POS devices

The traditional myPOS devices don’t run on external apps, whereas the Smart myPOS devices do.

With apps, you can integrate additional software into your offering such as a cash register app to help you manage inventory, track sales better and overall, manage your sales in a more organised way.

While some traditional devices don’t offer the option to print paper receipts like the Smart and Smart N5 devices, or the traditional myPOS Combo, you will still be able to send your customers receipts via email or SMS. 

In other words, digitally. This is a great way of reducing your carbon footprint.

So, how do payments work on these devices? Let’s look at the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Enter the purchase amount on the POS terminal.
  2. Swipe the magnetic stripe of the customer’s card, insert the card’s chip in your machine, or if contactless, ask the customer to hover their contactless card over your POS device. 
  3. The card information will be sent to and read by the issuing and acquiring bank, ultimately sending back confirmation of whether there are insufficient or sufficient funds in the customer’s account. 
  4. The payment should then go through.
  5. If your POS terminal allows for paper receipts, you will be able to print two receipts – one for your customer and one for you, the merchant. 
  6. If your POS terminal doesn’t print receipts, you can enter the customer’s phone number or email address on the screen and a receipt will be sent to them. 

ePOS systems: Hub and Hub+ devices

ePOS systems

ePOS systems like the Hub and Hub+ devices are ideal for restaurants and pubs, retailers and shops and so much more!

Their customer-facing screen enables your customer to see the amount they need to pay easily as well as the place where they need to tap their card for contactless payments. 

The payment acceptance steps are the same for the Hub and Hub+ devices:

  1. Type in the payment amount on the screen.
  2. The customer taps their card on the payment screen.
  3. Payment is approved.
  4. You can now print two receipts for yourself and for your customer.

myPOS Glass – how to take payments by phone

How to take payments by phone

Taking payments with our new Soft POS solution myPOS Glass is easy and takes place in just three steps.

  1. Type in the payment amount on your Android smartphone.
  2. The customer taps their contactless card on the back of your phone until the sound signal is heard that the payment has gone through.
  3. Payment is complete and you can send a digital receipt via SMS or email.

It’s that easy!

Wrapping up

The right payment acceptance device for your business should take into account several factors.

These include the nature of your business (are you stationary or on the go), the number of payments you process on average daily, whether you need tipping mode for your waiters if you run a restaurant or coffee shop, the mobility and portability of the devices, and your need to issue and print receipts, amongst others.

Offering a wide range of payment acceptance solutions, you can find everything your business needs and more. 

And the best part? Instant settlement of funds! No more payment delays!

For more, don’t hesitate to take a look at the myPOS card payment machines. 

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