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Introducing the QR code payment method

We are very excited to share that we are introducing to our merchant clients yet another way of accepting payments in person through QR code payments as an extension of the rich Payment Request functionality.

What are the benefits of QR codes?

For starters, they can be scanned from a screen and not just paper. 

They can be read even if a part of the code is damaged. 

They also store large volumes of data and they’re safer when it comes to payments because information can be encrypted.

How do they work?

To generate a QR code, you simply need to do so via your myPOS mobile app, online account or POS device while initiating a Payment Request, without any changes in the existing procedure.

Once the QR code has been generated, your customers will then be able to scan it with their mobile phone directly on your screen and pay you on a secure web page.

What about safety?

Since no cardholder data is captured during the transaction, this method of in-person payments is completely safe and touch-free. 

Perfect for pandemic circumstances, by generating a QR code, you and your clients can enjoy a safer payments experience.

Furthermore, the service is absolutely free.

Offering payments from the most popular payment providers for such QR code payments, we also provide secure extensions at no additional cost.


We are proud to be offering even more in-person payment acceptance solutions to our customers with increased ease and convenience in mind.

All this in addition to our online payment acceptance tools, physical POS devices and the innovative myPOS Glass app, which turns a merchant’s Android smartphone into a payment device!

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