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How to prepare your business for the holiday season

It’s holiday time again! The shopping rush kicked off on Black Friday and will continue until New Year. Consumers have switched to a buying mood and retailers now have a chance to skyrocket sales.

Not sure where to start with the holiday preparations? We’ve put together a few tips that will help you.

Master your marketing

Marketing is the key to your holiday’s sales success. Having a marketing strategy in place is a must-have but it’s not enough. To make the most revenue of your marketing efforts, you need to map out the main promotional activities, plan a budget and start the preparations early.

Whether you will be running online paid advertising, TV commercials or email blasts, use content and creatives which resonate with your audience and make sure your messages are consistent and in line with your brand identity.

Accept every type of payment

Chip, PIN or contactless – got them all covered if you want to keep up with the customers’ expectations. Over the last few years, various surveys reported that during the holidays the digital payments outnumbered the transactions with physical cards.

Consumers’ demands shift and your business should keep up with them. So, make sure to equip your store with a POS system which allows for quick and secure payments and ensures seamless customer experience.

Sell GiftCards and delight consumers

GitCards are not only the preferred holiday gift by most consumers, they are one of the most powerful tools of word-of-mouth marketing. And quite often, word-of-mouth marketing is way more effective than the traditional marketing tools.

By offering GiftCards at your locations, you will encourage your loyal clients to willingly promote your business, spread the love for your brand and bring in new customers. Check out the advantages of myPOS Private Label GiftCards here.

Prepare your website

It’s been said a million times – e-commerce is a gold mine for retailers. If your business doesn’t have online presence, you are missing out. If you already have a website, there are a couple of things you should look into before launching holiday campaigns.

First, make sure you accept all major card schemes on your website and display the security certificates that you have (like PCI DSS, for instance). This will assure consumers that your website is trustworthy and their private information is safeguarded.

To guarantee your website offers a five-star shopping experience, go through the checkout steps yourself and make improvements, if necessary. You want to be as easy as possible for consumers to place orders and pay, don’t you?

Get your business into the holiday spirit

Last, but not least, make the consumers feel the holiday atmosphere at your locations. Decorate your brick-and-mortar stores, spice up the design of your website with little festive elements, run holiday-themed ads. In other words, make the most of the Christmas cheer.

Follow these simple tips and you will definitely rock your holiday sales. In the meantime, if you are looking for an expert in payment processing, get in touch with us at

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