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How being stuck abroad opened a new career door

“Patience can resolve any issues,” says Adam Timler, Customer Service Specialist with Hungarian and English at myPOS. Adam is known for using his sense of humour to add a nice touch to client interactions and he enjoys solving problems on the phone. Although he wasn’t looking for a long-time job in Customer Service, he was drawn to the job because it requires multitasking, quick thinking and cooperation with internal departments, which makes it interesting for him. Here’s what he says about myPOS and the position.

How would you explain your job to a child?

Your father is trying to buy you a toy with his card but he can’t because the machine he’s using the card on is not working. I’m on the phone trying to fix the machine so you can have your toy.

Tell us about the start of your journey at myPOS.

I used to work on river ships. When the pandemic hit, I was stuck abroad with my girlfriend and couldn’t return to Hungary. The job posting for the position in Hungarian immediately caught my eye.

What is your professional background?

I’ve worked as a receptionist, so I have some experience in customer service. The difference between my previous and my current position is that I dealt with guests face-to-face, while now I do it by phone and email.

What is your favourite thing about myPOS?

myPOS is a forward-thinking company. I believe we make a difference for merchants. They probably don’t see it immediately, but we do something good, we help them grow their business. The environment at myPOS is inclusive, and my colleagues are friendly and open-minded. We are encouraged to think outside the box and our community is very supportive. You can ask for help anytime, and someone will be there for you.

Which is your best moment with a customer?

One of our customers jokingly offered me to be his business partner. It was so unexpected, and we had a good laugh. In those situations, we react with humour and try not to be as strict all the time. We add a personal touch to make it more than just a phone call. We even wish customers a happy birthday if they are celebrating on the day of the call. The small details make our interactions special. My approach is to help customers as much as possible in the kindest way possible.

Colleagues from Help Desk at myPOS

What would your colleagues say about you?

They would say I’m the crazy guy who’s always running. It’s because I’m always running around helping colleagues, and I also run marathons.

Can you describe one day at work?

First thing in the morning, I make my coffee. Without my coffee, I’m not in the mood for talking. I switch on the computer and then go straight to calls. We have five to six hours of calls a day, depending on our daily schedule. When I’m scheduled for an email session, I answer only incoming emails to solve customers’ cases. On weekdays, we have a chat session during which we support the live chat. The phone line is the busiest.

Which quality is the most valuable to your job?

Patience. You have to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They are in a difficult situation too as they provide services, and they are in a rush.

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