myPOS Carbon

Shock-proof payment terminal for small businesses

229.00 EUR

Оne-off price for the payment terminal

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  • High-pressure thermal printer
  • Cloud-based cash register
  • 3G/4G - Free data SIM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
myPOS Carbon
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    Monthly costs
  • 0.13 EUR to 0.25 EUR
    Minimum transaction fee
  • Without
    Rental contract
  • 1 year
    Free warranty
  • 30 Days
    Money-back guarantee

Flawless quality makes myPOS Carbon the most irresistible card machine

Power efficient, dust proof, shock proof and water-resistant, as well as IP54 and ATEX certified, myPOS Carbon offers strong performance powered by Android 9.0.

The sturdy card reader machine also works with a quad-core 1.4 GHz high-speed processor. In combination with the high-speed thermal printer, this provides an exceptionally strong mixture of functionalities in one POS device.

All this while taking advantage of the multiple apps available on the myPOS App Market, in addition to our online payment solutions!

Enjoy instant settlement of funds with myPOS! Seamlessly track all incoming payments through your mobile app. What’s more, you also get a business-in-a-box solution with a free Standard business card, a free IBAN and merchant account, and so much more!

With the myPOS Carbon, you don’t just get a POS terminal. You can also enjoy online banking and use your myPOS account to make bank transfers, send Payment Requests, as well as monitor and manage your business cards, Private Label GiftCards and devices.

myPOS Carbon is a sturdy device that can be used in hazardous workplaces such as gas stations, the chemical and petrochemical industries, construction yards, home & repair services, as well as taxi, courier and transportation industries, amongst others.

Proven not to be a source of ignition or explosion under potentially explosive conditions, the new card machine is a robust terminal that can withstand blasts and heat without causing secondary explosions or fires.

As a combination of traditional and Smart payment devices, the portable myPOS Carbon is also ideal for small and medium businesses which rely on printing physical receipts. These include shops, bars and restaurants, workshops and barber shops, family hotels and others.

myPOS Appmarket

Take advantage of our AppMarket platform and unfold the full potential of your smart device!

Select from a wide range of business apps exclusively developed for our smart POS terminals. Browse categories and find an app that’s the perfect fit for your business! The number of apps in the platform is growing every day.

Check out our AppMarket
myPOS Cash register

myPOS Cash register

Our free Cash register app comes pre-installed on your myPOS Carbon to help you with:

  • Cloud-based inventory management
  • Easily upload and track your products
  • Apply discounts
  • Real-time sync of stock levels
  • Accept and administer different payment options
  • Issue print or digital receipts for card, cash & split payments

A host of value-added benefits for your business

myPOS offers you a full payment solution! Here’s what’s included in the package:

  • Instant settlement of received funds
  • Free merchant account
  • Free IBAN
  • Free Standard business card
  • No monthly or annual subscription fees
  • A full range of online payment solutions

Get ready for the future of card payments!

myPOS terminal - mobile credit card reader

What our customers are saying

Fabio Masciullo, Manager of Vittoria Resort B&B, Lecce, Italy

I prefer myPOS to other payment providers because there’s no monthly fee, it allows me to receive payments or deposits remotely, and has been faultless to date!

What makes myPOS Carbon so good?

Powered by Android 9.0

Powered by Android 9.0

Quad-core processor

Quad-core processor

ATEX & IP54 certified

ATEX & IP54 certified

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM

High-pressure thermal printer

High-pressure thermal printer

Cash register with cloud-based inventory management

Cash register with cloud-based inventory management



Earn additional income by recharging prepaid phones and services directly from your POS device

Payment Request_icon

Payment Request

Request money from around the world and get paid faster than ever



Guarantee your payments and protect your business in the long run



Introduce POS tips to your customers and let them reward your staff

Custom Receipts_icon

Custom Receipts

Make a lasting impression with outstanding service and branded receipts

Private Label GiftCards_icon

Private Label GiftCards

Encourage clients to buy a card for every occasion and turn your products into powerful marketing tools

Dimensions (L W H)

194mm x 80mm x 68.8mm


420g with battery


5.0” HD (1280 x 720) colour screen, MultiTouch


GPRS / 4G / 3G / 2G Wi-Fi; 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz, BT4.2


Li-ion battery, 7.4V/2600mAh

Card readers

Magstripe Cards: Track 1/2/3, BiDirectional; ISO7811 Smart Cards: EMV, PBOC Approved; Contactless Cards: 13.56MHz, ISO14443, Type A/B, MIFARE, QPBOC Approved


High speed thermal printer; Paper roll width/diameter/length: 57mm/40mm/17m


Quad-Core 1.4GHz Processor, Security Chip


Android 9.0


2GB RAM + 16GB Flash

Peripheral Ports

1 x Type-C OTG, 1 x SD3.0; 2 x SIM + 1 x SAM


Shockproof: 1.5m Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C; Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C; Relative Humidity: 5% to 95%(Non-Condensing)


CCC, CE, ATEX, IP54; EMV3.0, L1&L2, PBOC/QPBOC, Paypass, PayWave, JCB, AMEX, Discover, TQM; PCI6.X, UPTS 3.0

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Does the myPOS Carbon work offline?

    A: In order to accept payments the card reader machine has to be always connected to the Internet through the data card that comes pre-installed along with it or through a WiFi / Bluetooth / smartphone hotspot.

  • Q: Is the device shock-proof?

    A: myPOS Carbon is IP54 certified. The device can withstand a drop of up to 1.5 meters. Nevertheless, for problem-free long-term operation avoid exposing your contactless reader to shock or drops as they may result in malfunction and costly repairs.

  • Q: How quickly can I see every payment in my IBAN after a purchase?

    A: Right away. It is an instant payment. Processing takes seconds.

  • Q: Can I assign payments from the POS to my bank account?

    A: You don’t have to own a bank account in order to use myPOS. All payments are instantly settled in your very own, multi-currency myPOS merchant account. Later you can transfer the amounts to any bank account you wish or use the business VISA card we provide to manage corporate expenses.

  • Q: Can I install own applications on the credit card terminal?

    A: The smart POS devices have access to the App Market where you can select and install applications based on your needs.

    For apps not listed in the AppMarket, you can arrange custom app installation by submitting a preliminary request

  • Q: Is myPOS Carbon able to work as a cash register as well? Can it be linked to state authorities e.g. the National Revenue Agency?

    A: Our smart devices offer a cash register functionality. In addition, the mobile terminals can be connected to the National Revenue Agency by installing customized apps available for certain countries. You can check the full list of apps in our AppMarket.

  • Q: What happens if the device gets lost or stolen? Is anybody able to do any harm to my business with it?

    A: If the payment terminal gets lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible. The only harm one can do is to accept a certain number of transactions, which later on may have to be charged back (refunded). Your business will have to cover the transaction fees and this is the only harm in case of a lost/stolen terminal.

  • Q: How can I accept payments from customers with mobile phones?

    A: This portable card reader uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to accept payments. All cards and devices (incl. mobile phones with an installed e-wallet) can be connected for a payment. Just bring the e-wallet device closer to the device.

Get the card reader machine myPOS Carbon at an affordable price today!

myPOS Carbon

229.00 EUR

Оne-off price for the payment terminal

(Price excl. VAT)


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