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Benefit from the advantages of a free myPOS account

A free myPOS account gives you access to all myPOS services and products. You can accept payments in many different ways from one account. For example, myPOS has inexpensive payment terminals for in-store or on the move. Within the same account you can also easily send iDeal payment links and online invoices.

Entrepreneurs who mainly do business online can use myPOS Checkout to have their customers easily checkout in their webshop. Of course, there is support for widely used platforms such as WooCommerce, Prestashop and more. For entrepreneurs who do not want to spend too much time setting up a webshop, myPOS also offers ready-made webshops where you only have to upload products.

In addition to a powerful and easy-to-manage payment platform, the myPOS account has many extra services and possibilities to make life easier for you as an entrepreneur. Think of extensive management and export options for your transaction history. Gift cards that can be used directly in combination with the myPOS ATMs or, for example, the acceptance and holding of foreign currency.

Whether you have an e-shop, delivery service or shop, the myPOS platform helps entrepreneurs save time. Experience more ease with administration and invoicing, and at the same time deliver more service and flexibility to your customers.

Five advantages of a myPOS account!

  • Accept payments in your shop and online with one account

    Let customers pay at your store with an iDeal QR code, implement myPOS Checkout in your webshop or let customers pay in your shop at your myPOS ATM. Experience the flexibility of myPOS.

  • Simple account management

    Easily manage all online and offline transactions in one account. Resend customer receipts, return payments or export transaction statements with a single click.

  • Accessible rates for small and large entrepreneurs

    ATMs from € 79, debit card transactions from € 0.13 and iDeal payments from € 0.30. myPOS is favourably priced for small and large entrepreneurs.

  • No fixed costs

    There are no fixed, monthly fees at myPOS. All costs are based on using your myPOS account and accepting payments. You only pay a one-off purchase fee for ATMs with a data bundle.

  • Many extra services

    The myPOS account includes many extra services such as a business account, support for foreign currency accounts, ready-made gift cards and a free Visa Business card.

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