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Accept payments and get instant insight into your transactions with the myPOS app

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A clear and user-friendly app for iOS and Android.

With the modern and clear design of the myPOS app, you get insight into your myPOS account. Send payment links, view your transaction history or manage your ATMs. Manage your business from your mobile phone!

Powerful, Convenient, Reimagined and it fits in your pocket
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Customise the myPOS app to your own preferences

Decide which shortcuts you want on your business dashboard. This way you always have direct access to the most frequently used functions. It's so easy!

Customise shortcuts to your favourite functions
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Send money directly from your myPOS account to other accounts

  • Create SEPA and SWIFT payment orders with ease.
  • Transfer money between your own myPOS (Foreign Currency) accounts.
  • Send money to other myPOS users
Making transfers is easier than ever
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Manage your myPOS account and myPOS devices from your pocket

  • Manage and block myPOS ATMs
  • Get instant insight into transactions per device
  • Manage your account overview and export transactions
Control your POS devices from anywhere
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Do business with your customers directly from the myPOS app

  • Send payment requests or iDeal payment links to your customers
  • Process credit card payments with the MO/TO Virtual Terminal
  • Create and send professional invoices from the myPOS app
Complete sales directly from your phone
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Use your phone as an ATM

Accept credit card payments with the myPOS app, in addition with the optional myPOS Glass app you can also accept debit card payments if your phone supports Android and contactless payment.

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Easily send payment requests via email, SMS or an app.

With the myPOS app, you can easily send payment requests that the customer can pay with iDeal or credit card. You don't need a website or web shop.

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Manage your myPOS accounts and devices

With the myPOS app, you always have full insight into the myPOS services you use. Manage ATMs, view the status of payment links or export transactions in seconds!

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Continuous insight into your operations

  • Direct access to your account balance
  • Clear presentation of transaction data
  • Analyse and export transaction history
  • Manage cards, devices and accounts
  • Optional push notifications for certain account activity
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